When Epic Mickey was anounnced alot of people were looking forward to it and rightfully so.  At the time the game was so unique the idea seemed brilliant.  After Epic came out you liked it or you hated it.  I have to say though although Epic isn't really what I thought it would be its still a neat and orginal concept.  And guess what?  This game has aged pretty good.

The story of Epic is that Mickey Mouse sneaks into Yen Sids workshop and messed up a project he was working on.  This project was a land for forgotten characters throughout Walts career.  When the Mouse tinkers with the magic paint brush that was used to create the land Mickey messed up big time and creates a huge ink monster.  The Shadow Blot ravages this forgotten land and its becomes a WasteLand.  Definetly the coolest thing about Epic is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  Before Mickey in the mid 20's Walt made cartoons with a character named Oswald.  Oswalds career really toke off and became insanely popular.  after 18 months Walt was fired and the rights to the Rabbit were taken.  I guess Oswald ain't so lucky after all.  After that Walt made Mickey and was advertised in the very first sound cartoon SteamBoat Willie.  Oswald and Mickey fought for fame, but Mickey was to much and Oswald was left in the dust.  The story is very deep and enjoyable.

Epic isn't really blowing the WII up in terms of graphics, but it still has a nostalgic style all its own.  I was really impressed by Epic's effects as they look very good.  The graphics of Epic are overall good, but its neat and unique style makes it look fantastic.  (Unlike Kirbys Epic Yarn)

Epic clings to one cool gameplay mechanic.  Paint and Thinner.  Paint can bring back objects or make enemys friendly.  Thinner does the exact opposite as it erases objects and kills enemys off.  This neat mechanic leads itself to some neat gameplay consquences.  For example when you vs the CLOCK TOWER boss if you spray his hand with thinner it will destroy its self.  If you paint em then the arms will become your friends and bring you to his face so you can finish him off.  Its truly very simple but, it goes a long way.  There are also 2D platformer sections that show off some of the best and worst the game has to offer.

Epic actually has a very dark and scary aroma.  The soundtrack was recorded by James Dooley and the result is very good.  I love how when enemys enter the frey the game switchs to a battle toon much like a RPG.  Epic isn't a total beast in sound department though.  In its special 50s era cutscenes there is no voice acting at all.  Warren stated that story is critical but, the game sure doesn't treat itself like it.  The story is good but, no voice acting.  ARE you KIDDING!

Epic for the must part has good control.  You use the analog stick to move and point at the screen and press ethier Z or B to shout paint or thinner.  Its simple on paper and simple in genral but, the camera is awful.  It will almost never work and will never re center it when its needed.  This is to bad.

Overall Epic is Epic and definetly worth a look.  Just don't excpect mario galaxy.






Overall- 8.75

Epic has a very good soundtrack