Those who love Fruit Ninja’s slice-and-dice gameplay but want something a little dark and different should find Dishonored’s Rat Assassin entertaining. Warning: Rat or animal lovers should proceed with caution. The game is about slicing rats to bits, and the blood splatters aren’t tame.

In Rat Assassin, you’re the answer to a rat outbreak in Dunwall, so get ready to use your blades, crossbow, and other weaponry to defeat rats. The basic mode is “Assassination,” where you use your finger to slice away vermin for combos. Getting 10 combo kills activates “Blood Thirsty” mode, which kills all of the rats on the screen with a single kill. If you miss a rat or hit a flying grenade, your health depletes. Mana also plays a vital role, as it activates “Bend Time” mode, allowing you to slow down the frenzy on screen to carefully execute your kills. The gameplay mimics the simplicity of Fruit Ninja, but basically separates itself by playing off the Dishonored world. 

The challenge mode is by far the most fun, because of its variety. In the 21 challenges offer some fun twists, such as defending a grenade, killing rats surrounded by bombs on a conveyor belt, nailing rats with a crossbow, and a challenge not unlike whack-a-mole. Your score on each challenge determines if you get one to three stars; once you accumulate a certain number, you can unlock different difficulty levels.

For those who are all about speed, Bethesda added a timed mode. Bombs are absent here, so you can focus on kills without caution. Bonuses are unlocked by gaining certain achievements in the three modes. These range from receiving different blades – ones that use electricity and fire – to changing your background screen or music. If you’re tired of slicing at rats, you can even unlock a different enemy to slice: the hagfish. The unlocks give you plenty of goals to work towards, especially since they can give you extra powers.

Dishonored: Rat Assassin is free as an iPhone app, with Bethesda confirming plans for a future iPad release. For those who love Fruit Ninja, Rat Assassin is definitely on that addictive scale. This is an interesting way to pass the time until Dishonored's October 9 release.

If you'd like to download Dishonored: Rat Assassin, you can for free on iTunes