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Bethesda Releases New Batch Of Dishonored Screens

Bethesda has released a new series of screens from Arkane Studios' Dishonored, showing a mission at a masquerade ball.

The shots show Corvo infiltrating the Boyle Mansion, where he has to eliminate a target. We've got a hands-on preview of the mission and much more in the September issue of Game Informer.

For more info on Dishonored, check out our hub page.

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  • What the hell is going on in the first picture in the bottom row.
  • This game cannot stop looking awesome, can it?
  • IGN has a description of this level. It sounds awesome!
  • Cool. Now how about you release a demo?

  • Good, this looks amazing and is likely GOTY.

  • Why can't this game just come out right now?  It makes no sense to me.

  • Already have the game pre-ordered and I can't wait! From all the gameplay demos it just seems like such a stunning game, all I can hope for is that the story is on an equal level as the amazing scenery/gameplay/skills!

  • The last picture in the top row creeps me out!
  • This game is going to be amazing! It's like a mix between Fallout and Assassins Creed! EPICSAUCE!!!!

  • This is what a "passion project" truly is...can't wait.

  • I reminds me of bioshock.

  • I'll give it a rent, dont know if replay value will be high enough to buy. Still looks fun.
  • Even though the game is looking great with what's been released, I'm still not a huge fan of the art style.

  • This game has a very Bioshock feel to it that makes me want to play it badly.

  • Yummy!! Can't wait for this game!
  • I made a New Year's Resolution to not buy games until I finish the fall semester of school.  *** that, I'm buying this game Day 1.

  • these screens are looking good, I can't wait for the game to come out

  • Great Art direction the more and more i see of this game the more and more i get excited for it.

  • Looking good! Creepy in some shots, but good.

  • I'm tremendously excited for this. It has an attractive art style, what seems to be a fun, very Deus Ex/Thief approach to gameplay, and a ton of awesome voice actors.

    Can't wait.

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