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  • Blog Post: Dishonored Review

    FOR A PLAYTHROUGH OF THIS GAME, CLICK HERE The long-awaited game has finally come, and it’s well worth the wait. Dishonored is a game that is unique in the fact that you develop yourself as a player and really shape the story’s outcome. STORY- The initial story of Dishonored is simple. You... More
  • Blog Post: Excellent idea for new IP but left things to be desired.

    The story and idea of this game and its characters are GREAT. It is refreshing to see such unique well polished new IP. However, certain aspects of the game left me unsatisfied. Firstly, the enemy AI is extremely inconsistent. There were sequences where you would be spotted a mile away when using abilities... More
  • Blog Post: A brilliantly made game, with flaws.

    After completing Dishonored I played it a second time and both times I had a lot of fun. Dishonored is probably one of the most surprisingly good games out there and anyone who is a fan of Assassins Creed or Metal Gear Solid will love its stealth mechanics. Those who are worried that the stealth is too... More
  • Blog Post: Dishonored - The Power of Player Freedom

    Player choice and freedom is an idea many video games try desperately to capture. Ultimately, the vast majority fail, instead only offering brief glimpses of what a game could be like if it truly let you play it your way. Dishonored is not one of those games. In the dark, steam punk, rat plague ridden... More
  • Blog Post: A Dark And Unique Experience Worthy Of Honor

    With a bold new IP in hand among a slew of renowned AAA franchises, Arkane Studios has set out to make a name for themselves with Dishonored. Even though they have little to their name, their intriguing vision has had gamers excited for months to see the city of Dunwall through the eyes of Corvo Attano... More
  • Blog Post: Review - Dishonored (PS3)

    Dishonored. It's amazing how a game, completely new could become so highly anticipated by many consumers who have never played it before. Goes to show how much a difference proper display of a game makes in it's selling. And Arkane Studios and Bethesda did an excellent job. However, it doesn't... More
  • Blog Post: DISHONORED REVIEW from GentleGyroGinger

    This game was a 10 for me. It had everything that a good stealth game needs. It also brought back a lot of memories from playing Splinter Cell. Multiple objectives, many paths, and powers made this game great. It also had a lot of interesting characters and lore surrounding the city of Dunwall. Some... More
  • Blog Post: Dishonored: a game in review

    i got Dishonored the other day at my local game store after hearing good things bout it. when i asked the guy about the game he compared it to a cross between Assasins Creed and Bioshock. i have to say, he was kinda right. lets start off with the controls and gameplay; the controls were very intuitive... More
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