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  • Blog Post: A Tale of Vengeance and Honor

    Too many games today are content with the idea of funneling you down a corridor giving you a series of opposing heads to dispose of or blatantly point out that there is only one way to get from point A to point B. Try any other option and the results you will most likely get is complete and utter failure... More
  • Blog Post: Blood, Runes, and More Blood

    *SPOILER* In my time, I’ve played my fair share of video games. From hacking and slashing, all the way up to strategic warfare, I’ve seen it all. Needless to say, it becomes boring when a game gets remade over and over, with the same mechanics, same story line, but with a different set of... More
  • Blog Post: A Dark And Unique Experience Worthy Of Honor

    With a bold new IP in hand among a slew of renowned AAA franchises, Arkane Studios has set out to make a name for themselves with Dishonored. Even though they have little to their name, their intriguing vision has had gamers excited for months to see the city of Dunwall through the eyes of Corvo Attano... More
  • Blog Post: Good game, bad plot.

    I wasn't sure what to feel when I first heard about Dishonored. I read a few articles about it. When a game interests me, I tend to hold off on the media band wagon so that when I play the game, my experience is fresh and without expectations. The opening sequence attempts to tutor you in the art... More
  • Blog Post: Review- Dishonored

    An innovative stealth game that gives the player tons of room and interesting toys to play with Dishonored is a title being published by Bethesda, the RPG giant, and developed by Arkane studios, the developers of such games as Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. With such names being listed people in the... More
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