After completing Dishonored I played it a second time and both times I had a lot of fun. Dishonored is probably one of the most surprisingly good games out there and anyone who is a fan of Assassins Creed or Metal Gear Solid will love its stealth mechanics. Those who are worried that the stealth is too easy in Dishonored can relax, it is very tricky to remain hidden and there is a lot of planning involved, it is possible to just go running in and decapitating every thing in the room, but there are two problems with this. First of all the enemies are pretty hard to kill in combat and it's possible to die continuously. The second problem is that the combat isn't as exciting as sneaking from A-B. The way you play changes the outcome of the game, if you decide to not kill everything in your path the outcome of the game will be good or if you decide to be a cold-blooded killer the outcome of the game will be bad. 

There is no doubt that Dishonored looks fantastic, but you wish that it looked just slightly better. A lot of the textures are lacking and the characters look slightly bland. But the world looks absolutely brilliant. 

The voice acting is pretty bad and should have been a lot better. But the sound FX are fantastic and the soundtrack is also pretty good.

Despite the games flaws, it is still one of the best games of 2012 and fans of stealth will love this and the same goes for anyone looking for something new.