This game was a 10 for me. It had everything that a good stealth game needs. It also brought back a lot of memories from playing Splinter Cell. Multiple objectives, many paths, and powers made this game great. It also had a lot of interesting characters and lore surrounding the city of Dunwall. Some of which, I had wished they had gone into more detail about. The game play was great as well, blinking to a ledge and then tapping X to climb up it felt so good. Dunwall is littered with random pipes and vents so it's not hard to take the stealthier approach. One thing I had wished that could be used more easily was darkness and light. With Splinter Cell being the last stealth game I had played before playing Dishonored, it felt kind of awkward and broken. Most of the time I would crouch behind a ledge, but some times I would hide in a dark corner, yet the guard would still spot me and start calling for back up. I would recommend just sticking to hiding behind ledges if you plan on playing this game. With powers brought into the multiple ways to get to your objectives, there are probably hundreds of different ways to reach the objective. Finding them is the fun part about this game. You have to play through the game at least 3 or 4 times to really find everything the game has to offer. Plus, there are multiple endings depnding how much of something called chaos you have. Chaos is probably why the game is so short. The developers made it so that you could play through many times without taking up a lot of time. (I'm looking at you, Cave story)


Overall, I give this game a 10 because the atmosphere and characters were so immersive, the game play was fast, fluid and fun, and the multiple paths and endings make you want to replay the game. Dishonored was one of the gaming underdogs this year, and I think it held it's own well next to the other big IPs on the market.