i got Dishonored the other day at my local game store after hearing good things bout it. when i asked the guy about the game he compared it to a cross between Assasins Creed and Bioshock. i have to say, he was kinda right. lets start off with the controls and gameplay; the controls were very intuitive and were easy to learn and use. the game did a very good job of incorperating the intrustions for the controls into the gameplay itself. the gameplay was smoooth and fluid and using the supernatural powers was very natural. 

I can definitley see why the guy at the store said it was like Assasins Creed and Bioshock. there is a hand that is in the corner of the screen that is dedicated to just powers, thats where the Bioshock similarities end really. now i do see the Assasins Creed aspect, seeing as you are being essentially an assasin, its quite brilliant how you could just fall on an enemy and kill them as well as use them to break your fall. the powers only helped to enhance the sense of power and stealth that the game gives the player. the most basic and useful power in your aresenal is the ability to "Blink" from one place to another. its not so much teleporting as it is hyper seed running. your end point does have to be unobstructed and in view. one of the other powers that is quite useful is the ablity to control rats and humans. while the ability to control rats is great for navigating through vents for quick acess to other parts of a place, the ability to control humans is what really takes the cake. if you notice that youve been spotted and are being persued, just take controll of one of your persuers and walk away. the others will become confused and after a time, they will walk away too. after your time controlling the human expires, you can just press the attack button and assasinate them on the spot. one of the other useful abilites is the ability to have your victime turn to ash after their death.this greatly increases stealth  since yyou no longer have to worry about hiding or disposing of a body. if your enemies do happen to see the body of one of your victims, prepare for a search party to come after you.

the story line is very well developed throught the gmae and it was well executed, my only problem was that the ending felt a little dull and was too quick. there was really no emotional conclusion, it just ended.  now i can see a relation to fallout in the ending but it still didnt feel like enough. overall the game was great and i defnintley encourage the player to play it again as no two playthroughs will ever be the same. i will definitley looking forward to the DLC coming out later this year and next year.