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Get Another Dose Of Stealth In New Dishonored Video

Arkane Studios and Bethesda have released another trailer for Dishonored, and it's sure to make all the sneaks out there exceptionally happy.

Shadows! Crouching! Peeking through keyholes! It's all here, along with plenty of other skullduggery. It may not be as deep a dive as an earlier stealth walkthrough, but it doesn't require as much of a time investment. At least, that's the glass is half-full way to look at it.

Dishonored is due out October 9. For more info on the game, visit our Dishonored hub.

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  • Looks stellar. I don't know between AC3 or this which one looks better.

  • Preordered for PC on newegg for $45 yeah!

  • Ah cool, you guys fixed the spelling error.

  • I still dont give a single f*** about this game, im sorry. Look at the A.I. seriously... And extremely creative minds I see - "the faster you run the more sound you make" - Really ? "Sneaking while crouching is the most stealthy" - OH REALLY ? That is surely a great load of creative overload right there, sir.
  • This looks really fun, gotta check it out.

  • This game keeps getting better and better :D three stealth games to be purchased then :D

  • i think this game looks like a mix of bioshock and assassins creed

  • !!! Holy crap! I seriously need to get my job so I can afford this. These previews are killing me.

  • Still very excited for this game, here's hoping that it lives up to it's Hype!

  • This game looks so sick.

  • interesting Only video

  • Looks great! I'm a big fan of stealth, so I have got to pick this up.

  • This game is looking fantastic. I'm more excited for Dishonored than several AAA sequels.

  • Another awesome trailer. Psyched for this game!

  • Awesome trailer!

  • No new information there, but I'll take it as another look at a pretty interesting game.

  • "skullduggery" great stuff GI.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm