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New Dishonored Videos Showcase Stealth Vs. Violence

There are different ways to exact revenge in Dishonored, and this pair of new videos shows different approaches to achieving one goal.

The two videos below show a pair of ways to approach a mission called "The Golden Cat." Naturally, one is stealthy and the other is violent. Your job in this task is to eliminate the Pendleton Brothers, who are two corrupt aristocrats.

Dishonored comes out for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 9.

For more, check out Adam's hands-on impressions of a demo from E3.



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  • I'll never trust a fish again.

  • my most anticipated game of this year AFTER Assassin's Creed III. I'm gonna play through this as many times as possible. but it looks like the game is better for stealth than action.  

  • I'm really excited for this game. (to say the least.)

  • Quiero

  • This game looks awesome. I really love dynamic games. With that said, I hope the AI is really good. If they bad guys only notice you when you're directly in front of them it's only going to be so hard. The stealth gameplay in Rocksteady's Batman games were great because the enemies would react dynamically to your actions. They wouldn't just look straight ahead, they would start looking up, behind them, etc. I mean, even though he had fired guns, and explosives had gone off, many guards didn't even notice and were still unaware at their post. I expect this game to be a lot of fun, but I've got a feeling it won't be incredibly challenging.
  • Can't wait for this, I just hope that it is long enough.

  • I think this is the game I'm most excited about. It looks better every time I see something about it.

  • This is the best looking game of the year, my wife is gonna hate october, between AC3 and Dishonoured, its gonna be a great month

  • Man I just cant wait to plat this game!

  • I found the stealthier way more entertaining and less resource managing. I think when I get this game.. Im going to play like that

  • I have a feeling that this great looking game is going to be way underated by the public do to the fact that they will look at the millitary fps more =/

  • I'm a sucker for any game that allows you to take on a mission however you see fit. I plan to play this using a mix of both stealth and violence.

  • looks...decent?

    Honestly it SOUNDS promising,but looks to complex and cluttered.

  • Violence=quickr, stealth=cooler

  • Amazing gameplay.. Highly anticipated

  • I'm pretty sure that the second guy who spoke in the first video voiced some of the NPC's in skyrim.. sounds so familiar.. Voiced the guards I think.

  • This is looking pretty good.

  • This takes me back to the days of Thief. I can't wait for this to come out, it looks like a real open world game and that you can have your own unique style of gameplay.

  • I was really hoping i could skip out on this game, but the gameplay just convinced me. Might not get it first day or anything like that.

  • Game looks amazing, can't wait to play it.