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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

Tour Nippon Ichi's Netherworld In New Trailer

Nippon Ichi's 10 year anniversary project for Disgaea is called Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, a sequel to Hour of Darkness. Check out the game's wacky trailer.

The Netherworld is a place of constant strife. After the events of Hour of Darkness, Laharl has become a full-fledged Overlord. Unfortunately, many of the denizens of the Netherworld still don't give him the respect he feels he deserves, so he sets out on a journey to achieve fame. Along the way, Laharl meets a girl who claims to be his sister and demons with grudges against him.

You can visit The Netherworld yourself when Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness releases on October 8.

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  • This is one weird ass looking game and I watch anime.
  • Hopefully the niche status this series has means that the terrible release date won't hurt it's sales in any meaningful way. What a great way to unwind after hours and hours of action killing in GTA5 while waiting for next-gen to arrive! This has always been one of my favorite jrpg series and even though the systems are a bit overly deep imo it's always a fun strategic romp.
  • im sooo excited for this

  • Mod

    Wh--huh? The... What?

  • Squeee, fallen angel flonne.

    Wow this brings back memories, Disgaea was the first game I had ever played on the DS, and I'm really excited to see a sequel for these characters, of which they are probably my favorite out of all the Disgaea games so far.

    Bribing the members of the council to get my way, throwing Prinnys as a far from last ditch effort to win a fight, and I'll be doing that all over again on the PS3.

  • this is disgaea!

  • I cannot wait for this. Hour of Darkness is probably my favorite Tactical RPG. Such a crazy game, and I love the humor the game employs with it's character cast.

    Wouldn't mind seeing how fans review it though, seeing as they can sometimes be divided with the Disgaea games.

  • It's nice to see that the graphics have been touched up with some style. Tactical games are perfect for portable, so I'm pretty disappointed that there's no Vita version. Oh, well. :/
  • I like the look of the game and sprites.  I wonder what it's going to bring to the table to improve over Disgaea 4.

  • Haven't played Disgaea in a long time. Kinda want to jump back in, but I'm also waiting for NIS' "The Witch and Her Hundred Knights"... or whatever unwieldly name that game has. Awkward name or no, it looks pretty cool. Especially if you dig top-down fantasy action games like Seiken Densetsu and the humor and charm of Disgaea.

    At any rate, it's great to see NIS wasting no time in getting back to releasing good games after dropping ImageEpoch's latest disappointment (Time & Eternity).

  • I honestly thought this was a remake

  • Yay the court :D

  • Midboss ftw.

  • The Great Overlord Laharl is back. >:)