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  • Blog Post: Turning Into Dust

    Dirt Showdown tries to tackle a tall order, and not because the game’s aggressive driving is a slight tweak on the sim-based off-roading of previous titles in the franchise. The progression path of a game like Gran Turismo entices gamers with a trickle of new cars, but since Dirt Showdown has to... More
  • Blog Post: Dirt Showdown Goes Full Throttle

    Codemasters is going gonzo with Dirt Showdown, a game that combines various kinds of racing events into one enticing stew. Today the company unveiled a slew of details about the title, including its release date, online and demo plans, and in-depth gameplay footage. Dirt Showdown comes out for PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Dirt Showdown Puts It In Overdrive

    Boost is an important asset in Dirt Showdown, and here you can see it in action through some of the game's various events courtesy of this latest trailer. The game puts players through their paces via various events that try and marry racing with a destructive attitude. Sometimes it's in traditional... More
  • Blog Post: Dirt Showdown Adds Destruction Derby, Mario Kart Comparisons, And More

    I’m what you’d call a casual racing fan. I really enjoy racing games, but I find it hard to devote my time to more than one or two every year, so I tend toward known quantities – Forza, Burnout, Need for Speed, etc. As such, I’ve always been intrigued by Codemasters’ popular... More
  • Blog Post: Codemasters Debuts Action-Oriented Dirt Showdown

    Codemasters has revealed its newest installment in the Dirt series, which forgoes simulation for arcadey action, including a new destruction derby mode. Dirt Showdown three styles of play: Racing, which features obstacle-laden courses each with multiple routes; a destruction-focused demolition derby... More
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