Do you like action-adventure games? Are you into the Wild West? Do you like Bloons TD? If you answered yes to these questions (or to, at least, one of them) then Dillon's Rolling Western is, most likely, the game for you. It has action, adventure, strategy, and extremely fun gameplay that you probably will enjoy. Read my review on Dillon's Rolling Western to decide whether or not you should buy this eShop goody.

     Gameplay: Dillon's Rolling Western is a very interesting game. First of all, it is very similar to both Bloons TD and Zelda. It has strategy, like Bloons TD, where you have to strategically equip gun towers with the right structure, gun, and location. Unlike Bloons TD, you can't pick wherever you want to place these towers. There are certain areas around the "battlefield" that you can place them. Another huge role that takes place in Dillon's Rolling Western is you must explore, which is similar to Zelda. You can find many different things including scruffles, chunks, shards, nuggets, and lots more. You can even find temple-like ancient rooms with a treasure chest that contains either a piece of treasure or a heart piece! You can donate scruffles to increase the amount of scrogs (pigs) that the village has. Also, you can use chunks, shards, and nuggets to build the gate's defense and you can sell resources for money.

     You must be aware that you are only allowed in the village during daylight or dusk. You are not allowed to enter the village during the nighttime. Speaking of daylight, dusk, and nighttime, you will stay and protect each village for 3 days and 3 nights. You will be collecting resources, visiting the village, and equipping gun towers during daylight and dusk while you fight grocks (rocks) during the night. There are 22 different types of grocks, and you will encounter, at least, one new one in each village. There are some menacing grocks, like the megagrock, and there are some easy grocks.

   After you finish the day, you will go to the saloon. In the saloon, you can buy gear, practice your skills, eat dinner, or accept some quests. You can buy bandanas, gloves, and boots from a lizard that are required in order to survive in villages. In the practice skills section, you can practice fighting against enemies by fighting barrels and fighting walking barrels. You can pay about 100 dollars to buy dinner and you are able to accept quests. If you accept a quest, you will get a reward for accomplishing it or you will be penalized if you fail to accomplish the task. Also, please be aware that you can get dinner for free on the third day.

     After you finish protecting the village, you will be tossed a rating of how fast you were in fixing the problem. The shorter the time, the better. Also, you can get one star alone just by accomplishing all 3 of the quests available for the village. Next, you will be thrown into the map, where you are given the choice to return to another village you've already completed and try to get a higher score, or you can move on to the next village and attack the problem. If you go to a completed village, you don't have a money limit, so you can take as much money as you want with you to the village as opposed to the newer villages where you are given a limit. In addition, you can unlock the next village with the amount of stars you have in total. This can cause you to have to return to completed villages and get higher scores in order to move on.

     Graphics: The graphics in Dillon's Rolling Western are stunning! They look so amazing in 3D! The game displays depth very nicely and it has some eye-popping 3D effects that will make it even better! Seeing 3D and even paper-like cartoon pictures of characters, such as the mayors of each village, looks better than ever. Also, the 3D characters, like Dillon, look stellar!

     Sound/Music: The music sets the mood very nicely and it is very charming. Do you want Wild West? Well, the music delivers that Wild West feel. It is repetitive when considering that it always plays (but does change when you do certain things like enter an ancient room), but the music that Dillon's Rolling Western has to offer is one of the best you will find on the Nintendo eShop.

     Replayability: Dillon's Rolling Western's replayability isn't high, but you will want to come back and keep playing. Well, if you already beat the game, you won't want to come back. The game is very addictive and fun, which does add to the replayability and trying to get all 5 stars in every village is a challenge that makes the game more replayable. Anyways, Dillon's Rolling Western is replayable, but, after you beat the game, you won't want to come back.

     Save Spots: Auto-saves, anytime saves, and areas where you save aren't the way you save in Dillon's Rolling Western. Saving in Dillon's Rolling Western is crueler than most games that you will find.  In order to save your game, you must win or lose the whole day. That way, you will be able to save your game. Otherwise, you're stuck without saving. It is not a good thing that you can only save after you beat the day. This can affect you in different things. For example, if your 3DS dies on you while fighting grocks in Dillon's Rolling Western, then your data will be lost. You would have to start over from your last save.

     The Conclusion: Dillon's Rolling Western is an expensive game, weighing in at $9.99 on the American eShop, but it is worth every penny. If you want a fun game that holds up for a while, then Dillon's Rolling Western is the game for you. Also, what Nintendo said is very true. Nintendo said that Dillon's Rolling Western contains 20+ hours of gameplay. Anyways, Dillon's Rolling Western is a Wild West eShop exclusive that you do not want to miss. 

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