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Diggs Nightcrawler

Diggs Nightcrawler Is On The Case In Latest Wonderbook Tale

The latest entry in Sony's Wonderbook series follows the adventures of Diggs Nightcrawler, a bookworm detective who's trailing the culprit behind the Humpty Dumpty incident. A pair of new videos shows off how the game plays, as well as some background info on the kid-friendly noir adventure.

According to the dev diary below, the guys at Moonbot Studios wanted to retell a traditional fairy tale through the lens of a classic noir mystery. Let's just say Humpty Dumpty lost his balance with a little outside help, and folks in this fairy-tale world have tight lips. It's up to Diggs Nightcrawler to solve the case – with a little help from young players, too. 

The clip below shows of how players can interact with the physical book, which in turn drives the gameplay onscreen. In on sequence, players partially close the book to move a streetlamp into a darkened corner. To get past a shark-infested sewer, players have to swipe the pages with their hands. 

Look for the game, which requires the PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move controller, this holiday on PlayStation 3.

[Via the PlayStation Blog]

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  • Geez, I completely forgot about the Wonderbook. How many games does this make for it? Two?
  • It looks cute.

  • It doesn't look half bad as long as it works as intended.
  • Completely forgot about this lol.

  • This looks really adorable. I'm always on the hunt for interactive games for my nephew. Although I thought the EyePet got boring a little too quickly and sometimes the controller detection was sketchy.

  • There better be a Test Chamber.

  • I got to admit, looks damn cute and i can easily see getting this for kids....but then i think of all the peripherals from my childhood that quickly got shoved in a closet after a little while (power pad, the light guns for the super nintendo and genesis, etc)