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Reviews of Games I Haven't Played or Heard Of

Diablo III: Raper of Souls puts you in the role Frank Diablo, III, a fourth-generation NYC Homicide detective who walks away from the job to investigate a string of murders his superiors don't want solved. If you're into hard-boiled detective yarns, you'll recognize the nods to Hammettt, Spillane, and even New Weird poster-boy China Mieville, in this page-turning thriller set in the damp, dark streets of Brooklyn. 

Gamelplay is about what you'd expect from a crime drama. Interrogations play out similarly to Rockstar's LA Noire, with attention required to catch the subtle clues layered within the nuanced voicework and facial capture animation. There's some gunplay, and unlike Noire, Diablo III: Raper of Souls gets this part right, with each shootout crescendoing into a satisfying conclusion, if you manage to survive. 

And survival will be difficult. Like it's predecessors--Diablo, and Diablo, Jr.--Diablo III: Raper of Souls is a controller-chuckingly hard game, that will at times have you asking why you bothered in the first place. But for those who overcome the maddening difficulty, an immense sense of accomplishment awaits. 

So if you like great murder mysteries, fantastic third-person shooting, and barking cats, you should put down your $60 USD right away. 

  • The best part of this is the first sentence - "Frank Diablo, III" lol

  • well played sir
  • Oh my god. I'm crying... well done

  • Very nice, will purchase now.

  • Well done. The barking cats are terrifying.