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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Trailer Shows Off New Features

Diablo III’s first major expansion has a brand new trailer. In addition to the new Crusader class and the revisions to the paragon system we discussed with the team at Gamescom, there are a host of new features.

Players will be able to take on new bounties to kill specific monsters in a region. Additionally, players will be able to enter Nephalem Rifts (which may be the “loot runs” that we heard about at Gamescom). There are also clans and group functionality that will be added so players can group up more easily.  

You can check out the trailer below. Reaper of Souls will be out in 2014.

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  • Soooo no new act / maps ? Will the existing acts at least be random generated ?
  • Bounties and that sound okay, but the loot update and the new class sound pretty exciting.  Was completely bummed when I found out that each class interacted with weapons in the same way and that some classes simply couldn't use some weapons.  There goes my dual wielding demon hunter...

  • Yep, I'll be getting this.. I don't see a whole lot to make this expansion phenominal or anything but it looks good... On a side note, my favorite expansion was on Dragon Age: Origins..
  • Wow, I just got excited for Diablo 3 all over again...now let's hope I don't get disappointed...
  • Will this be available for my ps3 as dlc? Because this does not sound like a reason to buy the game all over again
  • I Can't wait until they release the release date for diablo 3 on the PS4.

  • Looking good! Another game to add to my new PS4 library.

  • Can't wait:)

  • Im extremely excited for this. This gives them a chance to make the game function the way it should without the damn auction house.

  • If Blizz releases PvP alongside the expansion I'll have more of a reason to buy it.
  • They announced today that the PS4 version comes with the expansion and allows you to import a PS3 character!


  • Hell yes!

  • I will definitely be getting this. I've currently spent more time with Diablo 3 than GTA V. It's so addictive!!!

  • Aww yeah!!! PS4 version here I come!!!