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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Trailer For Crusader Showcases History And Capabilities

The Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3 is bringing a ton of changes to the game, including a new character class. Blizzard released a trailer today showing off the history and capabilities of the Crusader.

The crusaders started as a group of warriors who set off on a sacred mission. Every crusader took on an apprentice, and when the masters died, the apprentice would take up their weapons and cause. 

If you’re interested in how the Crusader handles, check out our preview coverage of the new class. If you’re on the fence about whether you want to jump back into Diablo 3, here are five reasons why you should return

Reaper of Souls will be available March 25 on PC and Mac. There’s currently no word on when the expansion will come to the PlayStation 4. 

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  • this might be a stupid question but does anyone know if reaper of souls is coming to ps3 at all?
  • Now I want to see a Dark Crusader class, or...a Death Knight. Something eeeevil.
  • I really want this for the PS4. Guess I'll just have to bide my time with this months onslaught of awesome games.
  • Loot 2.0 has saved the PC version. This expansion just sweetens the pot.

  • I think it was a wise move from Blizzard to implement Loot 2.0 1 month before the expansion. Obviously they could've implemented it earlier (this loot system was available during the console release in september mind you), but it wouldn't be profitable, now that every PC player tasted the nice loot system, the want to continue playing = they will buy the expansion.

  • The Crusader looks bad ass. I will have to make one and will probably play him more than my monk from the looks of it.

  • The Crusader is superlative... One of the characters that are fun to play with its unparalleled spend many hours with it
  • Can't wait to try the new Crusadar, indeed.

  • I'll definitely check this out. I have been vocal about my disappointment with D3, but luckily it seems they are getting better. I wanted a Wizard who could wield a greatsword and customize my character fully, but the arcade experience felt dull and uninspired to me. This new class seems to be more along the lines of something I would really enjoy though - a mix of martial prowess and magic.

  • Jesus his armor looks insane. Like he's a freaking mech or something. You know your a bada$$ when you strap on 200 pounds of steal and are still able to jog at a brisk pace.