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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Listen To A Sample Music Track From The Upcoming Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls

Ahead of Blizzard's planned March 25 release date for its upcoming Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, it has released one of the game's music tracks.

You can head here to listen to the track now. It's the music you will hear in the Blood Marsh, a new area you will explore in the the Diablo III expansion later this month. It's, "An unforgiving mire with an unnatural complexion," according to the post on sharing the track.

It's about five minutes long, but even at it's fairly long length, Blizzard says this is only a small sampling of what to expect. You'll also find a Q and A with Diablo III's music director Derek Duke on the post, where he admits to lighting candles and turning down the lights in order to play Diablo.

For more on Reaper of Souls, head here and here. By pre-ordering Reaper of Souls, you will get some extra loot, and there are opportunities to get some extra experience ahead of the expansion's release, as well.

[Source:, via Polygon]

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  • I may have shat myself towards the end of the song. Damn.

  • I am super pumped for this game! I cannot wait, been busy playing Diablo 3!

  • Didn't seem very impressive to be honest.

  • I will be glad to ever hear a PS4 release date.
  • It's kind of interesting when games almost have better soundtracks than movies.

  • My barb is waiting, and i'm lvling a 2nd as hardcore...cant wait...must...hold...the...line.

  • Diablo was always a very intense game, and the enemies were fun to engage. The battle system was pretty cool too. This new expansion has great features, and the sound track is really good

  • If you were disappointed by D3 and you are wondering if you should come back now.....your answer: %*@^ YES!! I quit from disappointment and just came back, it's soooop much better.

  • PFFT. Mine would probably be like....999,999,999. Which would be the lowest on record for one playthrough.