Everyone is saying that D3 is nothing like D2, wrong, but yet, right. You're kicking ass 24/7 getting awesome loot, and co-op has never been more greater. Yea the game doesn't have the feel of Diablo 2 like we all know but still, if you've made it to level 60 and are still complaining, I think your going through a very personal love/hate relationship with the game.  The things i don't like about D3 is that they've takin away the talent tree's that EVERYONE LOVES, that's where the diversity was for D2, but with D3, you unlock ALL your moves at level 60 " F*** THAT" I've been using Fist of thunder, Lashing tail kick, and vortex FOREVER on my Monk, it works well, but thats the only moves where i can survive the longest without getting obliterated by elites and rares and thats solo on inferno. The reason i gave D3 a 7.0 was because i had lots of fun killing SWARMS of demons and seeing how long i can last without dieing, The classes are great, and the loot and auction house is incredible, but there's still no pvp which ALOT of people wont even play if it doesn't exist. Old school classes should of kept their style of leveling up and discovering and PICKING your own moves. As soon as PvP comes out, thats where the REAL judgement will come. If it sucks A**, than Blizzard has made the biggest mistake of their lives.