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Some arbitrariness

I originally wrote a rather positive review of d3. As it seems I can only play the game half the time, I get kicked out of my single player game for going afk, the auction house is still broken, the servers are still having trouble, and the higher difficulties making many skills and customization options useless I've got to half my score. I feel they have taken every step they could to make playing this game as painful as possible. If it was any other company and any other game we would not put up with this failure. I'm sick of giving blizzard a free pass because of the heritage of their work. 

  • What customization? You choose nothing except your equipment. All the skills and stats are auto assigned. I like a sword and my friend likes a spear is not customization. What does 11 years warrant? Some improvement over the preceding game. They haven't done that. Some people like the cell shaded thing they've got going, I hate it. But either way they don't impress by current standards. How is this game better than torchlight? why is it worth 3 times as much?