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Game Critics Letting the Consumers Down

The game is rock solid. When it works. Every review I've read (Game Informer, PC Gamer, IGN) mentions the dreadful always online requirement but then fails to lower the score for it. If you can't play the game, or the games requirements make said game less fun to play (lag and disconnects during solo play), then it should lose points. If the critics aren't going to lower a score because "the servers have been rock-solid for two days" then they are doing the readers a disservice. Critics are doing all of us a disservice because this is giving Blizzard and other developers a pass to include online only DRM, if your game is good enough. It's pretty short sighted too. What happens down the road when Blizzard shuts the servers down and you can't play the game period. Pretty big problem there. If you don't have a fast, reliable internet connection then don't buy this game. If you think the game is fantastic, but can't stand the online only, then dock it points and let developers know this is not okay. It's only fair to everyone.

  • This happens to be one of the most asinine reviews I've read on this site, which speaks volumes.
  • Well, I don't agree with the score entirely, but I do agree that it should lose points for including a feature that NOBODY likes.  Also, at least this seems to be an honest opinion, unlike some reviews that are just straight troll diaries.

  • You speak the truth man. Dont worry about Liquid_Amnesia's comments. If you check anything D3 related you'll see that his posts are those of a fanboys. Shuts his eyes and ears to anything negative about the game and only accepts anything that holds the game to the skies.

  • I agree completely. There is no reason that a separate offline, single player, no auction house part of the game could not be included. That way when all their servers were burning over at Blizzard, everyone could have played the game they've been waiting 12 years for.

    What idiot over at Blizzard decided online only was the best idea ever?

    Games should be docked points for not letting players play the game. I think that's pretty standard.

  • From my PoV the always online makes the game more fun. Makes you value your achievements, your gear. Makes the game competitive and makes you wanna play with your friends.

    I like, but I've moved to the online gaming generation a long time ago... Not crying in the corner just because I can't have the game for free as download from the net, which is what most D3 critics are doing anw...
  • I agree with the comment: "What happens down the road when Blizzard shuts the servers down and you can't play the game period." I can still load Diablo or Diablo 2 and play them. Will I be able to do that 10 years from now (Or 30) with Diablo3?
  • You also have to take into consideration the fact that servers can be fixed over time. Why would you give it a 7 over something that can (and will) be fixed in a relatively short period of time? I agree it's frustrating and should have been taken care of prior to release but still it's something, because of World of Warcraft, they have experience dealing with. Overall point, you shouldn't be harsh to a game for something that can and will be fixed promptly.
  • You didn't even review it... FYI this isn't a comment section, bud.