First I've always been a big fan of Diablo as other Blizzard franchises!

Second the only review of this game I can make is based on my experience, since almost everything else has already been said in the review.

I've been having LOADS of fun. I already play Starcraft and WoW so I have a long realID list that almost doubled with D3. This game is perfect for a CO-OP experience. Its simple and even relaxing to play this game after being a WOW player!!Some times I join a random friend just for a chat, just to take a look at him and what he is doing. others I run a full arc in an alt just to help out a new friend coming to the game, others just to clear a hard pack that has been teasing my day.

No grief, no fight for loot, no roles and elaborated tactics. Just hack and slash burn the enemies down, join and leave a game whenever you want... Perfect, I have no real complains.

The major problem is that I can understand how blizzard failed to have a perfect launch... They aren't noobs at this, they had the open Beta, and they knew that there were a lot of complains about the always online requirement. How could they fail in the launch and have give room to the critics. Still its not even as close to as bad as most people say it is. They had some issues here and there and its running fine now.

Loving the game... Loving the experience to play with m8s i've never played before, coworkers, family, old wow m8s, SC2 m8s, etc. With all the people i've found in blizz games all this years.