Graphics: Gone are the days of sharp high resolution graphics (for the time). Instead we get something more cell shaded and cartoony looking that looks like repurposed WoW designs. Is it awful, no. Some people even like it. Not me though.  I found it a big jarring annoying shift. After 15 hours of play I don't notice it every minute. I'm still to not recommending it.

Sound: good, well done. Very much the same as ever. I have no problems with the voice acting either. Some of the characters even say amusing things. Though your followers idol chatter is limited and gets old as its played again and again.

Gameplay: same as always

Leveling: they've redone the leveling. Its all automatic. I HATE this. It was never complicated to begin with and yet they seem to feel they needed to simplify it. Now everything is done automatic. All abilities that are unlocked and the skill points assigned, you get NO choice. This drives me nuts. You constantly want to upgrade the ability you like, but are forced to wait 15 levels while they step up all the other abilities you care nothing about. 

Also all equipment can be used at any time. No longer do you have to save some really rare and cool drop and decide if you want to level the stats needed to use it. They pulled this so people who buy the best stuff in the auction house and use it even right from the moment they start playing. I find this makes the looting less fun. 

Bizzarely, unidentified items are identified just by right clicking them. No spell, no taking them to someone. So why make them unidentified at all?

Crafting: why bother? You must pay to teach the people to craft, then provide them ingredients and pay for them to make stuff. Almost all of which is 1/3 the AC points of the stuff random enemies drop all the time. 

The look and feel of this game just seem like a download game to me.  I find nothing new or improved in it. And I found it lacks the fun of its forerunners. I'm at a loss as to how its any better than torchlight which is only $20. Its not a bad game, its just average. 

In 2012 this just isn't a Triple A title. Given its price it can't compete with skyrim or torchlight. If it had a different title and a no name publisher I don't believe it would have received nearly as good a review as a full price game.