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Don't buy the hype, its a let down

Graphics: Gone are the days of sharp high resolution graphics (for the time). Instead we get something more cell shaded and cartoony looking that looks like repurposed WoW designs. Is it awful, no. Some people even like it. Not me though.  I found it a big jarring annoying shift. After 15 hours of play I don't notice it every minute. I'm still to not recommending it.

Sound: good, well done. Very much the same as ever. I have no problems with the voice acting either. Some of the characters even say amusing things. Though your followers idol chatter is limited and gets old as its played again and again.

Gameplay: same as always

Leveling: they've redone the leveling. Its all automatic. I HATE this. It was never complicated to begin with and yet they seem to feel they needed to simplify it. Now everything is done automatic. All abilities that are unlocked and the skill points assigned, you get NO choice. This drives me nuts. You constantly want to upgrade the ability you like, but are forced to wait 15 levels while they step up all the other abilities you care nothing about. 

Also all equipment can be used at any time. No longer do you have to save some really rare and cool drop and decide if you want to level the stats needed to use it. They pulled this so people who buy the best stuff in the auction house and use it even right from the moment they start playing. I find this makes the looting less fun. 

Bizzarely, unidentified items are identified just by right clicking them. No spell, no taking them to someone. So why make them unidentified at all?

Crafting: why bother? You must pay to teach the people to craft, then provide them ingredients and pay for them to make stuff. Almost all of which is 1/3 the AC points of the stuff random enemies drop all the time. 

The look and feel of this game just seem like a download game to me.  I find nothing new or improved in it. And I found it lacks the fun of its forerunners. I'm at a loss as to how its any better than torchlight which is only $20. Its not a bad game, its just average. 

In 2012 this just isn't a Triple A title. Given its price it can't compete with skyrim or torchlight. If it had a different title and a no name publisher I don't believe it would have received nearly as good a review as a full price game.

  • I completly disagree. I beat the game and am already going through again on nightmare difficulty and will be again on hell and inferno. The game is a blast and the graphics are amazing. How is it cartoony when 50% of the game is in dreary swamps and creepy dungeons. You have a right to your own oppinion but this game is not average in any way.
  • You should be glad to know that there are other's that agree with you (myself). I find that the community features hinder the game, if anything. I prefer the small-scale games of Diablo II with a few friends, and I think connecting everyone through isn't necessarily a good thing, especially in the case of the auction house. It seems to me that they are simply putting too much MMO into a single player/co-op adventure. The graphics do seem simpler, I agree. I believe the intent was to allow the game to run on older machines, but I find that Starcraft looks sharper. Overall, I don't think the graphics are an issue, but I think they altered some key points that made Diablo II great.
  • There are people who agree with you, and I think they're crazy. Diablo II was so limiting on where you could really spend points, or level abilities. You have so much more freedom in Diablo III. No more shoe-horning everything into strength to wield this awesome sword you found that'll last 2 levels. No more skipping 5 abilities and waiting 5 levels to get the first actually decent ability.

    I don't really undestand the unidentified item thing. I think they wanted to keep the mechanic, but didn't want to have us bother with scrolls. Maybe it generates when you right click, or something, who knows.

    I've found crafting to be quite profitable. Where else am I going to sink my gold besides more storage? I find tons of crap magic items I can salvage and turn into useful armor.

    And your last two paragraphs just make me think you're crazy, too. Nothing new or improved? Have you actually played it? They've improved a ton of stuff. When I started playing, literally every 5 minutes I'd be surprised at something they refined to make much more enjoyable for the player.

    Torchlight's a great game for the money, but it's really not the same tier as Diablo, and Skyrim isn't the same genre or anything, so not sure where that came from.
  • All I read was "waaaahhhhhh, Blizzard didn't develop this game for me and my personal views of how it should be, waaaaahhhh." Cool story bro, tell it again?

  • Do you even know what high-resolution means? Resolution has nothing to do with graphical style. Diablo 3 runs in high resolution. It just doesn't have an ultra-res setting. Not to mention the graphics look absolutely spectacular. Regardless of your personal opinion on whether or not you like the art style, that graphics look sharp and eye-poppingly colorful. This whole review to me doesn't even sound like you played the game. It just sounds like you're trying to go against the grain and hate on a highly anticipated game just to get attention.

    The big give away here is that your whole line about "using any piece of equipment at any time" is complete garbage. There are level requirements for gear, not to mention there are class specific items. You can't just pick up any item and use it from the beginning of the game. Also, a lot of the crafted items are WAY better than stuff that drops off of mobs, and the stats come off random, so there's always a chance of getting a better one. But, you would know that if you actually played the game to level up your crafter so you could make rare items. You revealed yourself as a liar and made yourself look like a total ass here. Congrats.
  • The graphics are fine! they run in almost any PC

    The skills is the best update EVER from Diablo2. This it was the best innovation they made. Now you can really customize your char! and improve it to the circumstances!! Before you followed some build from a site and that was it. Place a point bad... DAM... Make a new char or get a trainer to change it.
    I remember when I leveled a new char with no skill points at all just to be able to do decide at the end. The old system was just BAD...

    Forgot to say! The new skill system IS A BLAST!!! Fun creative, costumizable and intuitive! Great innovation, and the best update to the game
  • quit complaining about the graphics- they look good but yea they might not be the best because blizzard is smart and know that not having top notch graphics that only a few people can run isn't going to sell the game. They tone down graphics so more people can play the game. It's not hard to understand, but then again you seem stupid so I guess it is.
  • Torchlight can't compete with Diablo. They know it too - that's why they're only charging 20 bucks.