O, beloved Diablo

You have returned to my screen.

10 long years of promise

and the removal of the skill tree

No longer can I make my own character

the progression is too lame

everything is done for me

and that's a *** shame

I would love to play you

but that just cannot happen

when there is nothing to you

just items and nothing random

Farewell Blizzard

you now focus on greed

removing skills for items

to make money you do not need


Well, we are finally here at last, Blizzard. This may as well be my final moment with you, so hear me out. I once loved you, but those days are now long gone. You came into my heart with Diablo and that very same part of you is why it's over.

Well, let's begin with exactly what you did that is so damn wrong. As soon as I was finally able to play the open beta weekend, after waiting 24 hours for the servers to stop being as terrible, I knew something was fishy. The game just doesn't feel like Diablo or its sequel, not a single bit. The only common things are the name, style, interface, viewpoint and the health and mana/whatever they decided to replace it with globes. That's about it. All of the other aspects that really defined the series for me are now gone. No longer are skill trees and stat allocation present, effectively reducing the role that you play down to the preconfigured five that the developers force you to pick. This linear progression system also goes in line with the absolute removal of procedurally generated land and dungeons, one of the absolute defining factors of the series.

One of the questions I have had since I had the misfortune to lay hands on this was "why?"

Why did you have to dumb to game down to the point that it is just not even satisfying to play, Blizzard? Since you won't seem to answer quickly, I'll just assume. You want the braindead WoW kiddies to play within their mega-casual comfort zone, so you made version of that game in Diablo's universe. As with that dreadful MMO, the only difference between the different playthroughs are items that your character has. That's it. You're only going to replay the game to get better items. But why, why would you ever do that to my beloved semi-roguelike? I know just the reason. The auction house.

It seems as if the entire game was designed around the item drops, and selling them on the auction house, to the point where people who only want to play a single-player game are being downright punished if they even want to consider playing. Anti-consumerist measures like these are leading to the death of PC gaming. I'm a person who wants to play the game all by myself, without the notion of ever going online to sell the items that are mine, but I can't because Blizzard wants to make even more money off of the people who play this. Even though I am never going to touch the multiplayer or social options, I am still being forced to log into a service that I'm never going to use, and the game will prevent me from playing as it pleases. This is a practice that should be punishable by law. If Blizzard seriously wants people to not cheat for items to sell on the auction house, then they should have a separate executable with characters that will not be allowed to go online. All of this nonsense should not be used when one is in the pursuit of greed, especially since the company has so much money from some MMO game that is just as awful as this.

The only thing I can really compliment this game on are the sound effects. They're just as I expect them to be in a Diablo game, but they get too damn loud most of the time.

So this, this game is the final straw between Blizzard and I. It's been a good long road, but all roads have to end somewhere.