Diablo 3 sets out to redefine the dungeon crawl game genre and does so with clearly arguable results.  

Ultimately this does not feel very much like a Diablo game to me.  However it isn't a terrible game either.  What Blizzard has produced with this installment, has been done fairly well (despite first week bugs and server issues)

I think what separates people on Diablo 3's reception is based on whether you are a die hard Diablo 2 fan or an overall dungeon crawl fan.

As a loot-based fantasy game, Diablo 3 has done pretty good for itself with a stellar soundtrack, some great graphics, and smooth combat.   And this is what most people should judge the game by normally.

As a Diablo sequel it fails to invoke the same appeal by limiting the way you can customize your character's build to finality, making potions less of a necessity, and restricting games to four players.  And yes Adam, the game is too bright and cheery.   Just take a look at the screenshots in this article and tell me they aren't vibrant.  Much more vibrant than a dark demonic fantasy game should be.

Like I said, this does not immediately make Diablo 3 bad.  The reason for my lower score is simple.  We should not be encouraging developers to force constant online connectivity. By giving this game a high score and high profits I'm worried for what kind of impact this may have on future gaming titles. Developers have sought after ways to end piracy for years by mingling with several methods of DRM.  Blizzard is making a bold move in the industry by being one of the major forerunners on this   While many of you who always have a reliable internet source can easily ignore this, there are many others who don't and can't.  

I have a co-worker who is a single mom of two who can't afford to pay for internet connection every month.  She is a huge fan of Diablo 2, but has no way of playing the new game.   And if developer's seek this chance, I could see many other PC games and possibly even next-gen console games following similar suit.

So pulling a quote straight from Adam's review - "It’s a shame that the online requirement is a deal-breaker for some, whether because of a moral stance or a crappy Internet connection" 

It's a shame that Blizzard has forced it to be a deal-breaker for some.