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Diablo III Teasers Remind You Of The Game's September Release On PlayStation 3

Blizzard and Sony have teamed up to release a pair of teasers to remind you that Diablo III is coming to PlayStation 3 in a little over a month in the scariest way possible.

It's like watching an abridged version of Paranormal Activity where the ghost is actually a PlayStation 3 with a copy of Diablo III in it. To be honest, I've never watched any of those films, so that might be the plot of those films already. Please no spoilers in the comments below.

Diablo III will be available on PlayStation 3 (and Xbox 360) on September 3. The game has also been confirmed for PlayStation 4, but it's unclear exactly when it will release. For the latest non-Paranormal Activity-inspired Diablo III on consoles trailer, head here.

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  • So what part of the trailer is supposed to remind us of the terrible online drm they forced on everyone?

    If you loved diablo 2 like i did, do your self a favor and play either Torchlight 2 or the free Path of Exile. Both are far better successors to D2 then D3 funny enough.
  • That girl looks really creepy...
  • Still not sure about this game. Looks good! I hear it sucks...
  • Mod
    I've wanted a console version for years, but releasing two weeks before GTA5 I'm not sure a street date purchase will be worthwhile. Might have to wait on this ...
  • Great game to rent for PS3/4.

    I made good money off the game but grew super bored with it :/

    Just hope they can pull off a RMAH in the next MMO from them that doesn't burn down the house since my wife actually enjoyed me wasting time in game because it turned my drops into wifey treasures for free.

  • I will just wait for the PS4 version.
  • Nope.
  • Actually Kyle, I am going to do you a big favor. Watch the trailers for each Paranormal Activity. Once you are done, you will have effectively seen every "scary" part in each movie.

    That amounts to what? 3, 4 minutes tops per movie?. Yeah, then do the math and you will know how much "nothing is happening" time is in the rest of each movie. The only scary thing about the Paranormal activities was how booooooooooooooooooring they were. Hell, Brokeback Mountain looks like an action packed film compared to these other 4 (soon to be 5?) turdpastries.

  • I'm waiting to see if it will be released on Xbox One.
  • a couple of months...my fiance will be happy...

  • Spoiler alert! All the Paranormal movies suck
  • These trailers are pretty stupid. Regardless, the game looks awesome!

  • Great teasers, but it still doesn't beat that creepy baby commercial. *Shivers*

  • I might actually play more Diablo III if I could use my Windows/Xbox USB controller for the PC version. All that clicking for everything wears on my aging wrist/arm. BUT THAT'S NOT THE ONLY REASON MY WRIST AND ARM ARE TIRED, IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT I AM SAYING!!! EH?? EHHHH??? HAHA! GET IT?!
  • HaHa...dumb..even if the commercial suck I think this will be way fun on a consoles with the controller then the pc(I played alot of it on pc). I haven't read up on it yet but local split screen would be swwwweeeettt.

  • Yeah, I really liked Paranormal Activity as well, Sony.

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