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Sony Details Diablo III's PS4 Additions And Reaper Of Souls

Blizzcon, the annual celebration/convention of all things Blizzard is happening, giving Sony the perfect opportunity to detail what's new for the PlayStation 4 version of Diablo III.

In a post on the official PlaySation blog, the next-gen version of Diablo III is detailed. Better visuals compared to the PlayStation 3 version of the game are a given, but there are a number of other new additions. The PlayStation 4 controller's touch-pad is being utilized to manage inventory and other assorted tasks. Currently, swiping on the pad will allow you switch between different inventory and skill subsections. The colored light on the top of the controller will be different for each player, and the color will correspond with a player's on-screen indicator. Blizzard and Sony have also announced that you will be able to transfer your PlayStation 3 Diablo III character to the PlayStation 4 version, but it will be a one-time transfer. You won't be able to take your character back to the PlayStation 3 game once you move it to PlayStation 4.

We're still not sure what Diablo III's PlayStation 4 release date will be, but it will come packaged with the yet unreleased Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls.

[Source: PlayStation blog]

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  • is it only for the ps4 could of sworn its for both xbox one and ps4 right?

  • Well then I guess it's a good thing I didn't get the PC (those first few days wtf) or the PS3 versions. PS4 will mark my introduction into the Diablo universe.

  • And so no word on RoS for PS3?  The console version saved this game, ask anyone which version they would prefer to play on.  Yet no word on a current gen release?

    I guess now I understand how PC players felt after hundreds of hours of gameplay with no legendary drops, yet on console they fall like rain.


    I hope I'm proved wrong, I'm just jealous I can't get a PS4 anytime soon

  • I got this day one on pc. Played for 70 hours in the first 2 weeks and haven't touched it since. Been reading about the console versions and have wanted to try it but I don't have 360 or ps3. I will however have a ps4 and this is a day one purchase for me. $60 for the game and the expansion? Yes please.

  • I am really hoping that the xbox one has this ability as well. Or I am going to be one very upset gamer.

  • This looks like a great game upgrade I'm glad it is not just a graphics upgrade and utilizes the touch pad which I'm excited about.

  • I've been enjoying the heck out of this game on PS3, can't wait to see how Reaper of Soul's will be

  • Loved Diablo 3 on the PC.  Looking forward to playing this on the PS4.

  • Still wish there was cross platform playability between PC and PlayStation. I would be willing to spend the extra bucks to by PlayStation copies if I could play my account on both platforms.