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Sony Details Diablo III's PS4 Additions And Reaper Of Souls

Blizzcon, the annual celebration/convention of all things Blizzard is happening, giving Sony the perfect opportunity to detail what's new for the PlayStation 4 version of Diablo III.

In a post on the official PlaySation blog, the next-gen version of Diablo III is detailed. Better visuals compared to the PlayStation 3 version of the game are a given, but there are a number of other new additions. The PlayStation 4 controller's touch-pad is being utilized to manage inventory and other assorted tasks. Currently, swiping on the pad will allow you switch between different inventory and skill subsections. The colored light on the top of the controller will be different for each player, and the color will correspond with a player's on-screen indicator. Blizzard and Sony have also announced that you will be able to transfer your PlayStation 3 Diablo III character to the PlayStation 4 version, but it will be a one-time transfer. You won't be able to take your character back to the PlayStation 3 game once you move it to PlayStation 4.

We're still not sure what Diablo III's PlayStation 4 release date will be, but it will come packaged with the yet unreleased Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls.

[Source: PlayStation blog]

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  • I really want to play this and getting the expansion for no extra cost sounds great, but I don't really want to wait.

  • I was beginning to wonder about the PS4 version but this is more than I expected.  Good job Blizzard.  Hopefully it releases in the early part of 2014.

  • It's awesome that the expansion will be included. Saves me $15 or so.

  • I hope the DLC isn't an exclusive. :)
  • I'll gladly buy the game again for PS4 now that I know the expansion will be included and I can import my PS3 characters. Thanks Blizzard!
  • Cool! :) I'm waiting with anticipation!!

  • 1080p at 60fps Diablo 3 bliss? Yes please! Plus, there are a few added features that are very nice indeed.

  • so i have to buy two copies of diablo 3 just to play the expansion pack?
  • Now THIS is what developers should be doing for next gen games that are being released on both generations of consoles. In my opinion there should be extra features that distance it from the current gen versions.
  • Not a part of the Sony following behind Diablo 3 as I'm a PC player, but it's great that so much attention and love has been given to those that aren't into the PC side of gaming! Harkens back again to when Diablo was first ported to the PS1, it wasn't all that great but it gave people a taste! Seeing how Diablo 2 excluded any of those fans, it's great for more to dip into it!

    I just hope Reaper of Souls brings more life ( haha) to the game. I've been a long time supporter and player of Diablo 3 but it honestly has died down a little bit. The Blizzcon Live Streams of it has been very promising, especially with the pseudo endless dungeon mode, Adventure Mode and the Bounty system!
  • Exciting, however if they manage to implement a better pvp system even for open world like in D2 (D3 on PS3 had horrible pvp xD )

    And a Hostility option. you can have my monies lawl.

    >:D I miss making people rage.

    Also - modded items ruin the game, especially for yourself. (why do people do this to themselves? :/ since all they do is one hit kill everything!!?)(maybe just farming in general? XD )

    Game should be WAY BETTER than D3 though, but I'll hold off until it's cheaper :> :>

  • The game was fun to play on PC and PS3, so I'd love to get this on PS4.

    Does anyone know if you'll be able to pay the $10 to upgrade PS3 to PS4 like with other games that are on both current and next gen? Since you get the expansion with the game, I'll probably just buy it again if I have to, but it would be great if I didn't have to.

  • I think this solidifies my decision to opt out of buying the game on Black Friday. As much as I want to play it, I have a huge backlog and you KNOW it's going to be just as brilliant on the PS4. And if it isn't, well... I'll save myself a good $15-20 buying the PS3 copy a year from now.
  • Definitely buying this.

  • I was going to get Diablo 3 for my ps3 but now I think I'll wait.
  • Yes, I knew this would happened, I'm so glad I waited!

  • Yep! XD I knew holding out would pay off and it has! I'm getting the PlayStation 4 version. forget the PS3 version.

  • Great game. Can't wait to play it on my PS4.

  • Cool that you can transfer over your character to the PS 4 version.  Good news for people who plan on updating to the new version in the future.

  • I kinda want this to come to the ONE as well..except then I remember that I have it installed on my pc since day one and only played it maybe twice in the last six month.

    Horribly boring after you hit the cap. Plus about 30 levels of paragon as well.

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