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Blizzard Details Diablo III's PlayStation 4 Controls In New Video

In a new video, three of the leads on Blizzard's PlayStation 4 port of Diablo III go into detail on how they've adapted the game for the PlayStation 4 - including their plans to make use of the controller's touch pad.

In the video, production director John Hight, lead designer Joshua Mosqueira, and senior designer Jason Bender talk about how they are adapting the PC blockbuster for console - and how they intend fit the classic Diablo scheme to the new Dual Shock. One of their more interesting ideas involves using the controller's touch pad for some menu and inventory options.

Via: Destructoid

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  • Think I may give this a shot.  It looks interesting enough and  fun... but still being developed?  Please don't disappoint.

  • It's kind of lame that this will only be on PS3 and PS4 after they kept saying that there was a huge possibility that it would also be on 360. I don't mind too much though because I've got Torchlight II and it's far superior to Diablo III (so I've heard).
  • This is not going to sell very well

  • I dnt care what people say i am so looking forward to playing this on my ps3 or 4 which ever i decide to get it on

  • So from what I hear the PS4 version will be offline. the way the game should have been on pc.

  • i love how every week there's some PS4 thing released though i'm worried how this is gonna be on PS3

  • Pretty cool.  Can't wait to see more in action, especially with the controller!

  • I really hope this is a launch title for PS4.