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Blizzard Details Diablo III's PlayStation 4 Controls In New Video

In a new video, three of the leads on Blizzard's PlayStation 4 port of Diablo III go into detail on how they've adapted the game for the PlayStation 4 - including their plans to make use of the controller's touch pad.

In the video, production director John Hight, lead designer Joshua Mosqueira, and senior designer Jason Bender talk about how they are adapting the PC blockbuster for console - and how they intend fit the classic Diablo scheme to the new Dual Shock. One of their more interesting ideas involves using the controller's touch pad for some menu and inventory options.

Via: Destructoid

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  • The guy in the middle looked like Kratos for a second
  • Why play this when You can play Path of Exile for free? D3 is a pretty shallow game.
  • As much as I love my PlayStation, PC is still the master platform.

    D3 will not be even close in quality (even though it was mediocre) to its PC counterpart.
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  • D3 was such a big let down for me. I'm going to have to pass on PS4 version.
  • Being able to play this game without having to build a PC has very nearly sold me on the PS4 already. I know that will annoy the PC master race on a couple levels, since so many of them bad mouth this game, but I love action RPG's like this. If it isn't coming to the nextbox, my first next gen purchase will be a PS4, this game just looks like so much fun.
  • I think future PS4 owners deserve Torchlight II.
  • When is it coming to Xbox???
  • Thank you for crapping on the PC gamers Blizzard. Praise thee.
  • Havent played it yet so this is a good time. Always loved the Gauntlet games and ones of that sort, and this has pretty much copied that with a diablo skin on it as far as being on console goes. Plus more of Diablo story. It should be really fun.

  • Cool cool. I'm ready for my PS4.

  • I feel like the touch pad will be comparable to Move and Kinect - developers will say it enhances the game but in reality nobody will use it. Like a gimmick.
  • "At Blizzard we have the philosophy that control is king"

    Is this the same Blizzard that is putting out WoW PvP? Where Crowd control and lack of being able to use your character is king?

  • Wonderful.

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  • So, Blizzard has been spending all this time converting and porting over D3 to PS4 instead of working on any DLC/Expansions to make the PC version of D3 better?  PS4 players now get a dodge ability, how long will it take them to put that into the PC version?

    What is up with Blizzard lately?  They used to be really good with everything they did.  Now, it's just so-so or just plain boring.  People are fleeing WoW like it'st he plague, as that just hit the new record low for subscriptions.  D3 RMAH issues and not a single word of their next title: "Titan" in ages.  SC3 latest expansion hasn't had much of a buzz either for only releasing a few months ago.

    Blizzard needs to get back on track with their release schedule.  I remember the list from the other year, where they were getting 2-3 games out per year.  Now it's just silence.  Where's the D3 Expansion that was promised, Where or What is Titan, a game that was supposed to be in development and already out by now, as they wanted a short turn around on it.  Why is there new talk about Starcraft: Ghost, if the game was canned years ago because of low production standards?  I could go on and on with the questions but there's no point.  For a company I used to love, I now no longer care what they do, as I won't be picking it up.

  • Looking forward to this on my next gen console, finally a Diablo 3 without the stupid AH.
  • seems like it may be quite the fun game. i may have to get it.

  • Great rental, terrible buy. Should be a day one PlayStation Plus freebie.

  • Sounding pretty good so far.

  • Here's to hoping Diablo 3 will come out on the new xbox as well...

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