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Diablo III

Diablo III TV Spot Is Online

Diablo III's TV spot, which weirdly had its own announcement earlier this week, hit the web a few hours before it was set to air on television, which is fine with us.

Diablo III is finally releasing next month on May 15.

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  • I want to go to there

  • I want to go to there

  • Game of the year.

  • The Beta was pretty fun, but I don't have the system requirements for it on my mac.  

  • Diablo II was THE ultimate loot hack n' slash adventure when I was in high school and was then a huge Blizzard fan (played Starcraft A LOT more than Diablo). I am now 24...I say its time to rekindle that flame and get a new rig for Diablo III :) Paladin FTW.
  • Almost as terrifying as theoretical physicists.
  • Never got into the other ones. Think I'm gonna pass again.

  • I just could not get into this hellish series.

  • what the ***? Did i just hear it was for Mac even after my friend has been telling me for months it wouldn't be one mac? *** Him!
  • Have high expectations for this game..

  • Great Commercial. But I wish more games could use gameplay as a commercial instead of cg footage. Also would have been better if it was shown in something other than Family Guy. Wrong audience Blizzard. Thats why Call of Duty and other games are shown during sports. More people watching.
  • I doubt my PC's good enough... I'll be playing Max Payne 3 instead
  • Finally, a game for Mac.

  • Meh, pass.

  • Blizzard always has the best CG. They could probably outdo Pixar if they ever did a movie.

  • cool cool cool

  • Blizzard always make good trailers.

  • The beta wouldn't install it on my computer. I missed out on the free weekend play.

  • bout damn time.
  • pc and mac? what r the specs for mac?!