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Diablo III

Diablo III TV Spot Is Online

Diablo III's TV spot, which weirdly had its own announcement earlier this week, hit the web a few hours before it was set to air on television, which is fine with us.

Diablo III is finally releasing next month on May 15.

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  • This is amazing, welcome to hell
  • Looks good. Won't be getting it, but it does looks good.
  • I hope the game is that awesome.

  • Blizzard has always made the most stunning CGI trailers.
  • I still think all any demon from the inner depths of Hell wants is a hug.
  • Actually,, Blizzard has been announcing their tv spots in advance for a bit now. Starcraft 2's did one, and so was the one for Cataclysm's release.

  • I Wanna It!
  • Holy crap... may 15th is my birthday... so day one purchase for me I guess. Depending on reviews.
  • Now why is this pretty girl in Hell? Was she a crack whore ? Was she a mean girl? Is it possible she just got lost on the way to Heaven, that's what I think.
  • hell never looked so appealing

  • How come movie trailers never use that dude's voice anymore? He still sounds so awesome.
  • Blizzard always makes good trailers... Hopefully GW2 comes out soon after.
  • It's hard to go a day in the gaming community without thinking how bad I want a good PC. Also, why is this article rated so bad?
  • Waiting... Waiting, WAITING!!!!!

  • I would buy this game just for the cinematic. Since that's about all I could do with it. Online play is the worst idea for satellite users (ie. me)

  • Hmm, not bad, Blizzard. Not bad...

  • I honestly wish Blizzard did better with the open beta. There was so much more I wanted to do, but the darn servers were down most the time.
  • Mod
    If only i had gotten into it years ago.
  • I have to skip this one due to my lacking PC, but wow did that look awesome. Hopefully I get to enjoy it some day.

  • Already have it preordered. Girlfriend is already pissed.
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