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Devil May Cry HD Collection

New Devil May Cry HD Trailer Shows Off Series Highlights

A new trailer for the Devil May Cry HD Collection compiles some of Dante's most memorable moments into one highlight reel. It also has some scenes from Devil May Cry 2.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection provides gamers with HD versions of the first three Devil May Cry titles. Check out the video below to see Dante fight a giant glowing spider, an even bigger flaming dinosaur/horse thing, and a pistol-packing schoolgirl. Also, there's a lot of flipping in the air and shooting of guns in slow motion. What else would you expect from DMC?

Devil May Cry HD Collection releases early next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $39.99. To see just how improved the graphics are, check out the comparison shots in our announcement gallery.

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  • My one concern is if there is a way to change the control scheme for DMC 1. It is the only one with a different layout, and it could be tricky to play because of that. Also, I'm in the minority, but playing as Lucia and Vergil weren't that big a draw for me. Lucia was just a re-hash of Dante's disc. Vergil was just poorly implemented overall. They could have just let Vergil be unlock-able for the bloody palace, since they only bothered to give him two original cut-scenes.

  • Let's rock, baby. =D

  • Is it just me, or do the textures just seem very low-res compared to other HD collections out there?

  • This games where pretty wicked when they came out!!!! Good games!!!

  • I guess HD now stands for Half Done?

    I don't see much of a HD improvement.

  • Don't really care if the graphics aren't first tier, I'll likely pick this up.


  • im really starting to thing japanese can master hd remakes, wow it looks like crap..

  • Christ, why can't they be bothered to maybe add some new features to these "HD-editions"? DMC is an amazing game, but it wasn't so long ago that they were bundled together. What's the incentive for someone who's played the game to pick it up?

    Not a big deal, I just would've hoped, just as they made Vergil a fully-playable character for the DMC3 Special Edition, they would've added something for the other two games. Namely, the Twin-Swords from the Ghost Ship in DMC1, right before you enter the Captain's cabin.

  • It seems that companies are getting comfortable with the HD re-release, to the point where their trying less and less. The value being simply to have a compilation of all the games available on one disc and playable on the lack of BC consoles like the PS3.

  • The first one was amazing I only heard bad things after that till I bought 4. Prob buy it if it's 20 bucks
  • It was only slightly improved bit still worth it!

  • can't wait for this, just cause this will be my first time playing these games ever.

  • Will most definitely buy. Mostly because not only were those games awesome, but they starred Dante.

    Not at all interested in this new reboot of a series that didn't actually need a reboot anyway. It's not a DMC game without classic Dante. Sorry.

  • Okay, Hangtime, I'm confused. You were either trying to say that, hey, this also has some DMC2 footage, or, you were trying to say, it's got some great footage, AND THEN, you know, there's some DMC2 too.

    As in... DMC2 is terrible so it doesn't count as memorable moments.

  • your video failed halfway through.

  • I would buy it, but it includes 2, sadly.  

  • Great news! not sure if i'll get it though.

    Some games are meant to be played on the intended system, playing a tampered version feels kinda weird lol

  • i remember all the good time i past playing those games and now that they made this collection i can do it again