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Devil May Cry HD Collection

New Devil May Cry HD Trailer Shows Off Series Highlights

A new trailer for the Devil May Cry HD Collection compiles some of Dante's most memorable moments into one highlight reel. It also has some scenes from Devil May Cry 2.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection provides gamers with HD versions of the first three Devil May Cry titles. Check out the video below to see Dante fight a giant glowing spider, an even bigger flaming dinosaur/horse thing, and a pistol-packing schoolgirl. Also, there's a lot of flipping in the air and shooting of guns in slow motion. What else would you expect from DMC?

Devil May Cry HD Collection releases early next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $39.99. To see just how improved the graphics are, check out the comparison shots in our announcement gallery.

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  • I've never actually had the opportunity to play any of the DMC games, this seems like a good of time as any.
  • Ugh Dante, I have all your games already, why must you tempt me like this?!

    ...I wish I knew how to quit you.

  • Don't see the big difference
  • I'm excited for this HD collection. I like all of the DMC games, including the second that most people despise.

  • I've dabbled with every entry in the series... and there is always a point I reach, fairly early on, where the presentation of Dante is just so over-the-top-stupid/silly I think I facepalmed so hard I passed out... then when I came to the game was gone. That and I'm just not a fan of the gameplay I suppose - DMC or Bayonetta.
  • Even though I already have 1 and 3 for PS2, I am gonna get this for sure.

  • So were admitting that DMC2 happened now?
  • DMC3 was probably the best one. Looking at these images though, it's crazy to see how big the difference is between DMC 2 and 3's graphics are. Why doesn't this game look any better than the original though if this is supposed to be HD? There were jagged textures everywhere. I thought the HD upgrades are supposed to smooth the graphics out, like in the MGS collection.
  • Excellent.

  • Glad to see this series is getting an HD remake. Obviously DMC3 is my favorite, and I'm glad this collection is gonna have the special edition where I can play as Vergil.

    DMC1 is still a classic though, and I actually thought DMC2 was alright, I'm sure once I get this collection I'll play through all three games again.

  • wow these graphix still hold up glad too see capcom really put some work into it this time unlike re revival dont get me wrong it was great but they really half assed.. but anywho this looks awsome gonna get this on ps3 im more into xbox but i just can't see myself playing this without a ps controller in my hands...and some hotpockets a 2liter of diet coke a fatty and pantera making the walls shake ah warm one baby!!
  • ok this is gonna be great like i just said...but what about onimusha where the hell is that, come on capcom that better be next on your list..and re6..and dead space 3..just gimme something come on just tell me not these other guys just me just tell me..i wont say anything (wink)..oh ***
  • It looks fantastic but im gonna wait for the PC

  • cool. kinda hoped they would smooth out the graphics more though

  • Jackpot!

  • Still doing the buttmetal? I can dig it


  • Who's more sarcastic, Dante or Drake?

  • This looks more like a faux HD rather than a true rerendering of the series. Think of how awful the God of War HD would look if they only improved n the video output as opposed to rerendering every texture like an HD remake is meant to be done.
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