The first time I played the DMC games, I loved the over-the-top gunplay, running across walls, and slashing through demons like butter. The second time I played them a few years later, I loved the nostalgia, and kept finding myself saying "Oh man, I love this part!" The third time I played them, this time, I found myself zoning out.

This is not to say that these games and the story within aren't phenomenal. Dante's wise-cracking antics still got me to chuckle, but not nearly as much or as hard as they used to. Dante aged, but maybe not too well. The graphics are by no means bad, but for an "HD" version, they're a passable part of the collection. The gameplay remains great, and the story is still a blast. But after one playthrough, I found myself heading to Gamestop to trade it in.

If you can get it for $25 or $30, go for it, otherwise just pop in your old Playstation 2 copies.