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Free Bloody Palace DLC Coming To Devil May Cry

Bloody Palace mode, which offers over 100 levels of pure combat, will be coming to the upcoming Devil My Cry at no cost "shortly after launch."

According to Ninja Theory's Twitter account, "Bloody Palace gets really hardcore towards the end. You'll have to be something special to beat it." Sounds like a lot of fun, or the opposite of fun depending on how much you like difficult games.

Devil May Cry will be releasing on January 15 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • I really liked the demo but I gots to save for Dead Space 3...

  • Why isn't it on the disc? I hate this generation, what if I don't have an internet connection? Even pre order dlc needs an internet connection.
  • Sounds completely awesome. I've always enjoyed hardcore combat level challenges.

  • should have been in the game from the beginning...
  • Cool, hopefully its harded than darksiders 2's arena.

  • Free DLC is always good. Getting more and more excited for this game. Can't wait. :)

  • Free is always good.
  • The only time I love day one DLC is if it's free. Can't wait to get my ass kicked in this mode by this game. While I like 1 and 3 the most, I've loved all DMC games so far. Yes, even 2. Not sure why people hate it. It's no more ridiculous than any other installment. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I remember playing the original DMC for the playstation,loved that game. Then 2 and 3 were released and I wasn't so excited about them. Something about fighting a guy that looks exactly like Burt Reynolds kinda threw me of the impending doom track,but this DMC looks friggin awesome!
  • This game keeps creeping from a maybe to a must.

  • Make the whole game free, and I'll play it...
  • This reminds me a lot of Challenge of the Gods mode from the first God of War game, sounds pretty cool.

  • I personally find free, near-launch dlc utterly pointless. That stuff ought to be on the disc in the first place.
  • The fact that Blood Palace, a DMC staple, is not on disc and not on release is insulting. And if it weren't for the desperate grab at sales I'm sure that this and the Vergil's Downfall DLC would require monetary compensation on your part. But they try to pass off their digital junk as free and win over more consumers. Capcom is not your friend, they are the demons. Damage may Control
  • Didn't play THAT much of the old dmc games, but this reminds me of the tower after you beat the first God Of War. Spent so much time trying to beat that. *** those guys with the staffs -__-

  • 100 levels?! If it's free, that must be pretty linear.

  • And the trend continues. Bloody palace was on disc for DMC 3 and 4. Why not now?
  • did they put achievements in for it?

  • This has been totally free and included in prior installments of DMC

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