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Dante Shows Off His White Hair In Devil May Cry's CGI Trailer

The Devil May Cry reboot is getting close, and Capcom and Team Ninja have put together a CGI trailer to make sure you don't forget.

You won't see any gameplay here, but you will see Dante with a bright red coat and Leslie Nielsen hair as he chops up some demons.

Devil May Cry is releasing for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 15, and PC on January 25.

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  • Funny how all the comments on here are more positive. I too am very excited for this. I'm as big a DMC fan as anyone else, but the series has needed some new direction.

  • This games looks so badass.

  • I mean, Joe Juba was right when he said franchises don't hit the reset button when everything's going smoothly.

  • This was rad! Awe.. even get to see him use tough love to help a little girl!

  • I'm the only one at my store that's excited for this game which i think is a bummer. Dante may not look the same in aesthetics, but it's definitely all still there in heart and soul.

  • Honestly, I thought I wasn't going to like this... But Played the demo, thought it was fun a hell, and actually enjoyed it. Lookin to try and get it.

  • dont like this trailer, but the game looks cool though

  • Still excited about this game.  I just hope the soundtrack is better than the music in this trailer, because that was... terrible.

  • I'm really forward to it. It's been a long time since I've played a good hack n slash game.
  • Looks tight!

  • Although Dante still looks like a pervert, more power to his hair.

  • Having played the demo a few times I have to say that it was the fun and challenging gameplay, especially on harder difficulties, that always kept me coming back. And of course how badass Dante is fighting or in cutscenes, at least how he was in the last few games. However, I didn't like the dialogue at the bossfight at all, it wasn't creative and didn't feel like Dante, even if it is a new Dante.  

  • At last! ....... This is what  I am waiting for!...... Foreclosed

  • *sighs* I never am going to play this game, you know. Even if I wanted to. Parents would never allow it. But the gameplay does look solid and I guess the story had some meat to it, but I never will truly accept the new Dante.

  • demo was awesome, having that pull and push mechanic is good times. played all of them and, in my humble opinion, change is exactly what the series needs. game play was always cool but the story was terrible, a reboot gives them a chance to get story that makes any sense in there.
  • Don't care what anyone says including old school Devil May Cry fans, the demo was great and the game itself look amazing

  • cool.

  • I just watched the full demo on youtube.  The level design and sense of fluid movement is what really caught my eye.  Dialogue was a tad annoying, not very well-written.  Anyhow, the trailer was entertaining for me, and overall, I'm curious to see the reception for this.

  • Mega boo for Dante's voice

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