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Four Stylish New DMC Trailers From Japan

Now that we've had some time off for the holidays, we're starting to catch up on our backlog of games, so it's time to start looking forward to the games we'll be playing early next year. At the top of that list is Ninja Theory's new Devil May Cry.

Check out these three new Japanese trailers which show off Dante's brother, Vergil, and the duo's devastating combos.

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  • They make it look so easy, so either they're playing on easy mode to show off the ridiculous combos or they are DMC gods who can't mess up. Either way, I'd still like to see a trailer that shows off how difficult this game is going to be just as its predecessors were.
  • i just wander why the headline says 4 but theres only 3
  • Are these trailers running in slow-mo? Look how slow Dante is moving. WOW! This game looks bad. =(
  • That was some bad Metal.

  • It looks just like Darksiders 2!
  • Aww Yeah Devil May Cry YEAH!!!

  • I still think I'm going to pass on playing this.

  • Sweet.

  • I have been playing this demo nonstop. I so want to get this game.

  • Never realized how slow the combat looked, until I played the demo... Just give DMC to Platinum, please. They'll do it justice.
  • It seems like a lot of people are letting their memories trick them into hating this game. The first DMC was fun, but it was pretty repetitive with you fighting almost every boss 3 times without them getting new tricks. The 2ed was 2 and a half hours of crap. 3 was the best with the class kind of system that changes gameplay and what not. But people look at that one's difficult and think its like that for all of them, well its not. And the only reason that ones was hard at first was because in the us version the normal mode was the Japanese hard mode. Then the 4th was the mother of all back trackers. Where half the game was you just running back through the maps you just beat. And getting high combos were easy in those too, you could get an S with spamming two or three moves over and over. Really just give this once a chance because the others did not have a great track record ether, and if you are complaining about it being easy just turn up the difficulty.
  • SSSensational!!!

  • Crazy. Too bad they made Dante look like a CW vampire.


  • I'll stick with Bayonetta and Rising.

    "comments have been disabled"
    HAHAHA! What's the matter capcom? afraid of dinosaur, baby tears and **** YOU comments?
  • This reminds me a little of the Diablo III color palette change up. It's very colorful looking, to a surprising degree.

  • I'm excited for this. DMC4 really kinda turned me off to the series with how poorly it was executed. Dante's combat system was probably the best it's ever been, but that was the only upside. If they had stayed on that track, I probably would've passed on DMC5.

    This breathes new life into the series, for me. Dante's look doesn't bother me at all, considering he was kinda goofy looking to begin with. But as Helgeson would say, it's not like they went and turned Kratos into a chocobo.

    And difficulty isn't something I'm worried about either. It took me a couple tries before I could beat the demo on SoS mode, and there's like 4 higher difficulties that we haven't seen yet. So I'm pretty optimistic.

  • seems awesome. but, still dunno about this.

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