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Devil May Cry

Watch Devil May Cry's Actors In Motion Captured Action

Capcom has released what appears to be the first in a series of videos covering the performance capture of the actors in Ninja Theory's upcoming Devil May Cry.

This video looks mostly at DmC's antagonists. You can see the same technology being used here that was used to make Avatar.

DmC is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 15.

[via Capcom Unity Blog]

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  • I like how they make it seem like a Japanese developed game even though it's not. That's also kind of weird, though. The style reminds me of a suda 51 game.

    Also, the editing was fine. They are trying to make it seem intense like the game. It would have been weird having a little sitdown chat about a game that's supposed to be completely over-the-top.

  • Kyle, you put "on January" twice. Just sayin'.

  • This game is looking good. I'm probably going to be getting it.

  • So have they now strayed from their "Alighieri-ian" roots, or was Mundus and Lilith in the Divine Comedy? Or are they naming the antagonist after the Roman Emperor and Lilith after the mythical creature.

    I really love the concept of this game it's rather original, using the environment against you and have it physically attack the player is a very intriguing mechanic to say the least and I believe fits well in with the series as a whole. It would also go great in a Spawn game too (remember Spawn, is that still a thing or strictly 90s?).

  • Alrighty.

  • This game looks so awsome! I haven't played any of the original ones but I think that I might get into it now.

  • Lol "Muhndus". Looks like a good game, (despite the fact it was poorly edited) and when MVC 4 is announced I can't wait to see the battle between Mundus and Dormammu. Lol, I know I'm getting ahead of myself.
  • neat