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Devil May Cry

Watch Devil May Cry's Actors In Motion Captured Action

Capcom has released what appears to be the first in a series of videos covering the performance capture of the actors in Ninja Theory's upcoming Devil May Cry.

This video looks mostly at DmC's antagonists. You can see the same technology being used here that was used to make Avatar.

DmC is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 15.

[via Capcom Unity Blog]

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  • Really wierd. Lame also.

  • I just love how he can't pronounce his own character's name -_-

  • This was so difficult to watch. So much gimmicks over a understandable delivery. Also, c'mon, comparing this to Shakespeare? LoL
  • Did they get some guy from 90s MTV to edit this thing together?
  • thanks for this game looks good.

  • That editing...

  • This video makes me feel like I've been brainwashed to assassinate the president.
  • that was... okay...

  • My head.... It hurts.

  • Mod
    That was like watching one of those paranormal ghost shows on tv. Terrible.
  • I enjoy getting looks into a games production but that video was a little.. odd.

  • i feel like, "maybe there's a ghost in this video" LOL.

  • The subject matter was so interesting, and it was great to hear them talk about their characters... but that editing... the editor needs to go now.

  • I usually like behind the scenes stuff but were all of the MTV-style cut-aways necessary?

  • The game itself looks pretty cool.

    This editor needs to...stop.

  • The editing it self, took the focus away from the actual subject matter of the video. Very sloppy.

  • I hate this video edit. The game looks fun though.

  • That was awful, I dislike this game more and more every time I see it.
  • This video isn't normal! It's all twisted and crazy!

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