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New Devil May Cry Trailer Shows Naked, "Sexual Deviant" Dante

Whether you like Dante's new look or not, you're about to see him in a new way. Today Capcom released a new trailer for the Devil May Cry reboot that shows a naked Dante waking from slumber and flying through his home with carefully placed baseball bat and fish props hiding his little Dante. In the opening shots of this trailer, Dante is called a sexual deviant and terrorist by a newscaster. Sounds like this story is going to be mighty interesting, and not what people expected from this series.

Once Dante throws on his boxer shorts, we see him in new combat sequences. Devil May Cry is developed by Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword, Enslaved). It is expected to release this year, but no official release date has been given yet.

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  • All I really see in this Dante is a male Bayonetta, and I am totally fine with that.  

  • Haha, reminds me of how I get dressed in the morning. =)

  • "Hey Bob, put a spin on this..." The game looks awesome.

  • See Dante is like the rest of us he puts on his pants one leg at a time

  • Hahaha He gave the reporter guy the finger lol the games looking great

  • lol, i love the ending to the trailer, it definatly sounds like dante

  • I might not like the new Dante, but I can admit that that looks FREAKIN AWESOME!

  • i cant wait

  • i cant wait

  • I don't know, maybe since I've seen more of him or heard his voice, but he hardly seems like the whiny-androgynous-emo-teen I thought he was when I first saw the game.

  • Haven't been following this much, but this trailer just put DMC on my radar

  • Oh, so since they're so many sexual deviant players now, they're just gonna make a deviant character for them. Nice.

  • That's exactly how I get dressed in the morning too! What a coincidence! :P

  • why why o god why

  • why why o god why

  • lol, Looks like good fun.

  • lol, Looks like good fun.

  • Wow, totally impressed by this trailer.  The action looks like classic DMC and the tone seems to fit as well.  I like Dante's witty remarks, and the possibility of a deeper story is always a plus.  If Ninja Theory can develop the whole "media smear campaign against Dante" angle well enough this could get very interesting.

  • Any man who can move like that naked...out of bed...imagine what he could do ...I'll stop right there.  MMMMMMM........Dante!

  • weird