Devil May Cry, so many things can be said, but so little time. Let me start by using one word that describes the entire game, BADASS! This game hit so many right notes that could possibly be a contender for a category in the Game of the Year awards. We'll start with the concept of the story, and how that this game has brought a major revival in the series. The original had barely to none of a story and this game has completely corrected that. My only wish was that they did more with Vergil but this was corrected with Vergil's Downfall. The combat is as spot on as ever, its fluent, it's fun, but it is a little too easy. Enemies practically telegraph their moves which makes it very easy to evade their attacks, but this is a minor detail. The soundtrack couldn't have fit the action any more perfectly, it practically gave me energy to beat the *** out of each and every enemy. The graphics are pretty good but nothing overly spectacular, but again a minor issue. All in all DmC is a worthy game of the title that it was given, well done Ninja Theory.