By far the best iOS game I ever played. Unlike Angry Birds or Cut the Rope this is a puzzle game that is not only challenging but it manages to tell an intriguing story.The objective is to escape the room(s) and move on in the story. Each Chapter is a new room and features a simple puzzle that is easily misinterpreted. The puzzle is solved by observing both the audio and the images while reading through the text. Once solved the player is allowed to move forward into the next room/chapter. What I liked about this was the way it required me to look at what I was doing and reading in different ways. 

Without spoilers, the story left me thinking for hours after completing the game. The writing moved me and challenges you chapter after chapter, then concludes in a way that made me rethink everything that I had just played. It is so hard to explain but that is the beauty of it. 

My last point is the sheer brilliance of Device 6's excellent design. I never thought twisting and turning my iPod through text would fun, but Device 6 did it flawlessly. Pictures shift as you scroll past them, buttons appear and disappear, elevators move down automatically when you get to them, I don't know if I can call it platforming but it is genius. It's an interactive story book, just more mature and with puzzles. 

This is the first iOS game I played for more than 30 min. and I didn't feel like I was wasting my life. It felt just as rewarding as finishing a great book. It has no flaw, the length is purposeful, the ending is though-provoking, and puzzle's are challenging but not impossible. Thus in my opinion compared to other apps it deserves a 10/10.