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Deus Ex: The Fall

Not A Human Revolution Sequel

Earlier this week, Square Enix and Eidos Montréal teased a new title called Deus Ex: The Fall. Many had hoped that this would be a sequel to 2011's fantastic Human Revolution coming to consoles and PC. That is not the case.

Eidos announced today that Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to iOS devices. It's a sequel to the novel Icarus Effect and stars a former mercenary Ben Saxon. He has been betrayed by his employers and is on the trail of a conspiracy.

The setting is 2027, the same year as Human Revolution. The visuals have the same grimy urban feel with the familiar golden hue overlaid. 

As for the gameplay, according to executive game director Jean-Francois Dugas, "It was really important for us to make the gameplay as simple as possible." The title features new augmentations, and a user interface that allows players to move icons around the HUD.

Square Enix recently stated it would be focusing more on mobile titles. It seems that those plans are already in motion. Deus Ex: The Fall will be at E3 next week in the Square Enix booth and available for purchase later this summer for $6.99. 

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  • *Facepalm*

  • new Halo announcement is mobile

    new Deus Ex announcement is mobile

    I guess these companies don't care if I'm a customer or not.

  • Now that's lame. Expect a tiny game, with horrible graphics, and flooded with microtansactions.

    Mobile games need to go away.
  • and not a single *** was given.  Way to troll your fans with this garbage.

  • A f****** ipad/ios game?? gee thanks.

    is Square Enix and Eidos Montréal on crack?

    They should really stop focusing on handheld gaming.
  • "I never asked for this"
  • I am disappoint.

  • Don't care about mobile gaming...........pass. Call me when you make another full fledged title for PC.

  • This is so stupid. The only recent mobile game that has been any good to me is Injustice.

  • What a waste.
  • So happy I have my Iphone

  • O_O F********************************************K this is really stupid. Why the heck would they do this to us. Also I hate that its IOS only. Some us can affored a millon dollor phone or tablet. Gosh this makes me so p.o.ed I cant belive this.

  • Like Spartan Assault, maybe just another example of a series stalling until a next-gen release?

  • It's really counterproductive to be this dismissive to a game just because it's mobile. That's no different than someone dismissing something just for it being a game. The last Deus Ex was good, this one could be too. Just quit *** bricks and give it a chance.
  • I don't mind this.

    I feel like you'd have to be a pretty dumb idiot to expect a sequel to Human Revolution so soon. Or, at least, extremely ignorant to a)how long it takes to produce a game with that much content, b)the size of Eidos Montreal, or c)their current focus on the troubled Thief Next Gen game...

    Square Enix said they were going to focus on mobile, and develop more "console quality" mobile titles, so let's see what they can do. If it is coming to Android, then there's a chance it could come to Ouya as well, which means technically it could still end up a proper console game. Let's see what they're bringing to the table... most RPG's work very well on touch devices thanks to their more deliberate pacing. MOST of them - I'm eager to see how this handles shooting. If it's been changed to turn based, or if they rip off controls from The Drowning, this could turn out to be a fine, fine game indeed.

    I just wish these spinoffs and handheld side games would come to the PSVita and 3DS as well, at least. F*** you western developers. Seriously.
  • I'm disappointed about this, however it's only because I was really hoping for a next-gen HR sequel.  I suppose the team is busy with Thief though (which I'm fine with), so hopefully after that they can get moving on a proper follow-up.

  • really are you kidding me a complex game like deus ex wont for on a phone/tablet unless you seriously rework the control scheme. and they didn't from the game play

  • WHY?!!? Does Square Enix have a bee hive in their head instead of a brain? That is not only a horrible idea to begin with, but to get all of up Deus Ex fans hyped up, and then drop us off of a cliff is really dissapointing.

  • Lame. Not much else to be said.

  • Hugely disappointing and extremely boring...