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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut

Take A Guided Tour Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut On Wii U

If you relied mostly on hacking and stealth to make your way through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you probably had issues with the combat-focused boss fights. Eidos Montreal's upcoming Director's Cut addresses this issue. In the lengthy video below, which starts in FEMA Camp and concludes with a boss fight, you'll see how hacking and stealth can be used to drop the bosses. This particular boss fight offers new areas to navigate, such as vents for sniping and computers to interact with. It'll be interesting to see how this formula translates to the later, more challenging encounters.

This video also highlights how the Wii U gamepad is used for map navigation and various gameplay functions. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut doesn't have a release date yet, but is scheduled to land on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac.

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  • A swear word on the Wii U! Burn this un-family friendly game!
  • If it were a Nintendo exclusive it would probably sell more copies, and boost sales of the system. My guess is that people who have already own the game on console won't bother buying the same game on the same console. And another thing, if it doesn't release before the next-gen consoles, who's going to want to buy a PS3/360 title when they own and are using their new machines?
  • Cool. Except I won't be buying a Wii-U. And I am satisfied with HR as is.

  • Oh, I didn't realize that it was coming out on platforms other than WiiU. I might have to get it for the second playthrough that I never did and enjoy the improved bosses and commentary.
  • Ha, I literally just played this level for the first time this morning, and yeah, my stealthy little ghost woulda loved another option aside from just chucking gas canisters and exploding barrels (cause I'm not wasting my precious rockets this early in the game!).

  • This seems a little late.

  • Amazon has the release date as November 15th.

  • They need to stop porting these *** games to the Wii U


    When its "sales haven't met expectations", people are still going to wonder why / blame Nintendo third-party sales / say people only buy Nintendo consoles for first-party titles / etc.
  • I'd sure love for the changes made to the director's cut to be released as DLC on the PS3 version. Including cross-controller play for vita.

  • Or they could just work on a sequel to HR that has adam jensen as the protagonist.
  • I wish this were DLC for the original and not a separate game.

    To support Nintendo I'm gonna hold out until I get a Wii-U to buy this. The add on to that Barret boss fight looks awesome, they pretty much created a new game if all the boss fights have new rooms like that.

  • I ended up loving this game a lot more than I thought. The world and the classic sci-fi feel really hooked me. I'm so ready to replay it with the Director's Cut on PC!
  • sweeeet