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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut

Good Looks But Controls Don't Measure Up

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of my favorite games of 2011. The mix of stealth and action combat with the philosophical undertones kept me hooked. So when I heard, a Director's Cut was coming for the Wii U, I thrilled that a new audience would get a chance to experience it.

Today on the show floor, I finally got to see in action how the Director's Cut measures up, which has a slew of new enhancements such as reworked boss battles, improved graphics, and a grenade throwback option. I tested it out for the Wii U, which was what the Director's Cut was originally announced for, but is now also coming to other platforms.

The timing for my hands-on demo with the Wii U version couldn't be better since the GamePad controls are the only aspect separating it from the other platforms. The Wii U version certainly looks great and better than I ever anticipated it could on the console. But looks aren't everything, and adapting to how the game plays on the Wii U isn't easy. Since the  GamePad is such a larger mass than an average controller, it's not exactly ideal for shooters. The clunky GamePad is hardly the biggest issue though. The map appearing on it is jarring, as you have to look down and then up on the larger screen. I'd preferred it right on the main screen, opposed to this setup. 

The map isn't the only thing that appears on the GamePad's screen, any text in the game is brought up on there as well. It took me out of the experience to have to stop and look down, especially for simple tasks like hacking. Playing the game on two screens just doesn't feel natural, and that's disappointing since that's the Wii U's bread and butter. Moving around the world doesn't feel as natural as before as I'm adjusting the camera way more than I can remember in the original console versions.

Additions like throwing back grenades add a new option to combat, but I couldn't get away from the feeling that the Wii U version plays differently than what I originally experienced with Deus Ex. Human Revolution and not for the better. 

Adam Jansen's story of being thrust into a world where humans are genetically enhanced is worth experiencing, but the Wii U may not be the best avenue for the experience. Nonetheless, this isn't a knock at the Director's Cut, which has the improved the boss battles, something that were criticized when the original version came out. 

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  • I might get the directors cut on my 360. Its either that or splinter cell blacklist.

  • That's rather disappointing to hear, considering this was one of my most anticipated Wii U releases this year.

  • I never asked for this.

  • Thanks for the heads up on that, Kimberly.

  • Nintendo's tried to come up with something original, which is commendable, but the WiiU is more of an expensive novelty than a rough'n'tumble (not sure the adjective is appropriate) video game console.

    I don't dislike it, but it just doesn't seem... practical.

  • I, ah-hem, did not ask for this
  • I have to disagree with the notion that first person shooters are unnatural to play on Wii U.  My reason would be Zombie U.  That controlled very well on the gameplay and looking down at the gamepad felt natural and so much better than having to pause the game to look at a map. It felt immersive to me honestly and that game used the gamepad excellently Imo.

  • If glancing at a second screen occasionally throws you off that much, then do us all a favor and return your drivers license to the state.
  • If you think the gamepad is cumbersome and clunky, of course it wouldnt be enjoyable. Personally, i havent felt that with other games including zombiu and i dont mind looking down at the map. But maybe it just doesnt work with deus ex?
  • I'd really like to know if these improvements will get patched into the old game, or if I have to buy it all over again to get a decent boss battle. :|
  • I do not really find the controller big and clunky.  Mine works just fine even my 11 year old does not think it is clunky and likes it pretty well.  But everyone is entitled to their opinion and not trying to knock yours.

    As for the second screen I like having maps, pads for hacking, and things like that on a second screen.  I like actually using the screen for hacks or putting in other codes.  Then again I can see this being slammed on WiiU and then liked on something like smart glass.  In fact, I have an in-law who liked seeing the smart glass demo with the maps, inventory, and progress on it that tells me how much he dislikes it on the U.

    I can see the point of feeling taken out of the experience but I actually feel these things are more natural.  Like focusing on a key pad or cell phone would take your focus.

    I have this game on 360 and now PS3 but I am still probably going to get this on WiiU.  Looking forward to the better graphics and reworked parts of the game.

  • I'm still gonna try the Wii U version, seeing as this'll be my first romp through HR.
  • Might they include different control options though? Or Classic Controller support? There's still time before the game ships, yes? Or is it, like, coming to Wii U next month (which would mean it's done and needs to go off for disc printing now-ish)

  • As soon as she called the Wii U a Wii I stopped reading. I mean I'm sure it's a typo but I just hate that lol. I also must be the only person that loved the FPS's that have been on Wii U so far

  • You could throw grenades in combat in the original, this isn't new.

    I seem to remember changing my perspective a lot manually on both PS3 and PC.

    And since when has Game Informer ever ignored graphics as an excuse to praise a game? I'm not particularly upset if those finally stopped being an excuse for some games to be docked points or given extra points, but still... it's counted in so many other cases that hearing this now is a bit too ironic.

  • this really sounds like this wasnt an xbox controller so it didnt feel right
  • This will still be one of the first games I'm getting once I finally get a Wii U.

  • Sad but definately the way things will be going for 3rd party wii u games.

  • is it required to use the game pad for the wii u or is a classic controller supported??

  • So, the DC version is solid, but the Wii U as a console for it isn't? Hmm...

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