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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Blog Guidelines
  • Amazing Blade Runner style(Cyberpunk) atmosphere and a good mix of cover shooting and stealth gameplay make this game awesome.

    I've played roughly 200 7th gen titles,and Deus Ex Human Revolution stands out as one of the most addictive games I've played from the 7th gen. What makes it stand out the most is it's atmosphere.It has amazing neon,futuristic cities underneath... More
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution. Brilliant story, true to the original

    Deus Ex Apparatus (God out of Machine) Wow where do I begin with this amazing title. First let me say this is my favourite game this gen. Eidos Montreal gathered the finest writers (Mary DeMarle, and James Swallow) their side of the equator to bring us... More
  • Quality Cyberpunk in a Fetching Gold Package

    When a developer decides to reboot a classic franchise, they're generally taking a significant risk. It is, unfortunately, fairly common for reboots to alienate a franchise's original fanbase due to any number of revisions. Reviving the classic... More
  • I can't think of any way that this game could be better.

    So how would you like to play this game? Are you a fan of first-person shooters? No problem- this isn't Call of Duty, but it beats the hell out of FF7DoC. Want a tense, stealth-based experience? This isn't Metal Gear Solid, but you'll get... More
  • Please, Please Make Another One

    I am writing reviews as a hobby. My ideal career is in making robotics, especially robotic limbs and bionics; So it's easy to see how I would be incredibly excited about this game. I am happy to say that I am not disappointed. This game makes you... More
  • The long overdue sequel we deserve

    The Deus Ex series is one that may not have lent itself well to a traditional sequel. The first one is a beloved PC masterpiece that offered much in the way of choice and story, with some technical issues and graphical problems being but minor issues... More
  • Patience is a Virtue in the World of Deus Ex

    Deus Ex is one of those rare games that can either be as deep or as shallow as you want. It all depends on how you decide to approach its subject matter and how invested you choose to become in its mature narrative. On the surface you're getting a... More
  • Deus ex returns to console

    I was skeptical about getting it Deus ex at first. It looked great, and looked fun, but I was still not 100%. Then, I took a shot in the dark, and it was good hit. Not completely succesful hit, but still a good hit. Graphics are good. Cutscenes can look... More
  • Cyberpunk's Triumph

    Never thought that I'd buy this game,I wasn't very interested,largely because of the first person camera view,it just turned my excitement down. But when I found this game $30 cheaper than the other game I thought why not? And boy,I was SO wrong... More
  • Quite good but not perfect

    So I've been playing Deus Ex human Revolution for a while now and i was deeply impressed. working on getting experience points and trying to find every hidden path is really rewarding. seeing how much you can sneak around without getting noticed is... More
  • Augment Rising

    I never played the original Deus Ex, after diving through this prequel, it's safe to say I'm totally hooked on the series. Edios Montreal has developed a wonderfully crafted game with all the right parts needed to make such work. Provocative storyline... More
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution review

    [Note: This is a PC review] It has been 8 years since Invisible War released. In 2005 Ion Storm was shut down and the Deus Ex franchise was left in the dark. Until Eidos Montreal took upon themselves the task to bring back the franchise with Deus Ex:... More
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