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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Problem Of Augmentation In Deus Ex

First, let's assume that people are fine with installing cybernetic implants that require taking drugs the rest of your life. Second, let's also assume that those implants are controlled by a mega-corporation, and it doesn't have your best interests at heart.  Welcome to Deus Ex!

This unsettling situation sets the stage for the world in Square Enix's upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution. You can learn more in the trailer below, but don't expect to see any actual gameplay or story info. Instead, the video focusing on conveying the problems with the game's take on cybernetic augmentation.

For more Deus Ex, you can watch this video about the game's futuristic sprawl, or this one that covers a little bit of everything.

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  • Oh lawd, the video quality, it maeks me bleed.
  • Heh, reminds me of Children of Man for some reason. Looking forward to this!
  • 2:05 IS THAT ANDLARSON!?!?!?!?!?!
  • looks like a movie trailer >.> lol but this looks exciting :O ill probably get it :3

  • still reminds me of mgs.
  • I'm against corps and gov using augmentation to take information from people, and other abuses, but In principle I support the idea of augmentations. I don't define myself with human limitations, sure augmentations could make me faster, stronger, let me google things with my mind, but mentally I'm the same person.
    I seriously hope annoying "augmentations are bad!" groups don't start in the future. I can almost see all those angry anti-cyborgs.
    If I need to I could make the case that identity is an illusion. We change so much physically and mentally throughout our lifespan, even every second we are undergoing little changes... with all these changes who is to say we are still the same person. We just chose to imagine metaphorical lines between the points that we keep our identity and lose it.
  • Woah... very cool feature. Excitement +10, for sure.

  • Some how it remind me movie REPOMAN.

  • WOW that was actually amazing, if ever the ydecide to turn that into a movie, filmed i the same gritty style then I would definitely see it, I got goose bumps watching that :)
  • Mod

    I know this isn't gameplay footage (duh) but I am officially on board. Pre-ordering now. And hopefully not paying the consequences later.

  • Grr, a week before driver!  not fair

  • This sounds like that anti aug group from the second Deus EX game. The Templars.
  • looks really cool ^^ sounds fun but i wonder how u play it

  • This game looks awesome.

  • film style like district 9
  • This would make a really cool movie.
  • I like the concept but how could this be a game?
  • Sweet. Makes you think. In the future, if any of this is possible, people pay money to get augmented so that they gain talent. Real talent is not appreciated as much as those who can pay for it. Those who get it and cannot afford it end up begging.....except for the augmentation, this actually sounds closer to home than I care for.
  • That was a brutal background story. Im interested now...

  • Amazing trailer. Reminds me of the Too Human viral videos that were about. I am becoming more and more entranced in this game's setting and gameplay, and I can't wait to pick up the augmented edition.
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