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  • Blog Post: Quality Cyberpunk in a Fetching Gold Package

    When a developer decides to reboot a classic franchise, they're generally taking a significant risk. It is, unfortunately, fairly common for reboots to alienate a franchise's original fanbase due to any number of revisions. Reviving the classic Deus Ex franchise was no small task on the part... More
  • Blog Post: Please, Please Make Another One

    I am writing reviews as a hobby. My ideal career is in making robotics, especially robotic limbs and bionics; So it's easy to see how I would be incredibly excited about this game. I am happy to say that I am not disappointed. This game makes you feel like a bionic badass, and in most situations... More
  • Blog Post: The long overdue sequel we deserve

    The Deus Ex series is one that may not have lent itself well to a traditional sequel. The first one is a beloved PC masterpiece that offered much in the way of choice and story, with some technical issues and graphical problems being but minor issues in a genre defining title. The second is almost universally... More
  • Blog Post: Quite good but not perfect

    So I've been playing Deus Ex human Revolution for a while now and i was deeply impressed. working on getting experience points and trying to find every hidden path is really rewarding. seeing how much you can sneak around without getting noticed is rewarding and the only big problem i had with it... More
  • Blog Post: Deus Ex: Human Revolution review

    [Note: This is a PC review] It has been 8 years since Invisible War released. In 2005 Ion Storm was shut down and the Deus Ex franchise was left in the dark. Until Eidos Montreal took upon themselves the task to bring back the franchise with Deus Ex: Human Revolution . Their endeavour resulted in an... More
  • Blog Post: I Never Asked for This

    Before heading onto the good stuff, let's talk about the negatives: facial animations and choppy shooting. I agree with the other reviewers when it comes down to the faces. The cinematics the game show real emotion but everything in-between, not so much. I also feel Adam Jensen has truly turned into... More
  • Blog Post: Awesome with few issues

    In general, this game is kickass. I think it combines different elements of games almost perfectly, while at the same time having a VERY awesome story. Characters are also great, and if you like conspiracy, you'll love this game XD. The last thing i'd like to rant on is the amazing interactiveness... More
  • Blog Post: Deus Ex: Utilizing The "Invisible Hand"

    Some games have it, some games don't. But few seem to pride themselves on it quite like Deus Ex: Human Revolution does. What I'm talking about is the "Invisible Hand". We've all encountered it before. You're presented with a choice (to increase replay value) that is clearly... More
  • Blog Post: A decent successor to an amazing game.

    As a huge fan of the original Deus Ex I must admit I was very excited and skeptical about the revival of the series. Now that Ion storm was gone would Eidos Montreal be able to bring the same feel back with a new entry in the series. On many front Eidos Montreal is very successful and provides a great... More
  • Blog Post: Holding Me Over Until ME 3

    It's hard for me to go out and take a gamble buying new games these days. One game is essentially one tank of gas that could get me to school and work. After purchasing this game, you can imagine how hesitant I was to try playing the new iteration of a previously dormant series, especially after... More
  • Blog Post: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review Kid Safe: Low (2.5 / 10) Game Quality: Very High (9.0 / 10) Genre: First Person Shooter / Open World RPG - This game is characterized by the viewpoint and the weapons used in the title. In a first person shooter, you are looking down the barrel of a gun as though you... More
  • Blog Post: Better than I thought

    This game really suprised me. When I first heard about the comeback of one of my favorite pc games. How could you not love Adam Jensen the cyborg dude who throws vending machines off a building.If ur not a fan of stealth games or rpg's youll still love this game because of suprising yet unique story... More
  • Blog Post: My first contender for GOTY

    Without a doubt this game is one of the best from this generation. There are some problems along the way but to me the better parts of this game far out weight them. This is a game all about choices and it follows through on them. Whether you want to stealth, go guns blazing, or hack your way through... More
  • Blog Post: Deus Ex Review

    The main problem I see with the game is it doesn't seem like they spent a lot of time figuring out the combat, there's next to no ammo you need charges to melee and your invisibility only lasts for a few seconds so it's pretty hard to get out of a fight. But if you can get past the combat... More
  • Blog Post: The epitome of "hard lesson learned"

    Deus Ex: Machina. What can be said about this classic game, outside of the fact that I hold no reservations that I truly loved it. This game at its time was shelved behind its faster more aggressive counterparts like Half life and Unreal, but still held on tightly to it's beliefs. Which couldn't... More
  • Blog Post: After playing it...

    To clarify, I didn't rate the game 6.0 before I played it. I rated my feelings after my enthusiasm got sucked out of me. Regardless of how I felt, I was still going to buy the game. I won't retort to any of the comments posted on this; rather, I will just hope you understand what I meant now... More
  • Blog Post: finally

    all i have to say is that i'm glad this review is up because now i won't have to read all the comments saying "put the deus ex review up." "reiner, get that deus ex review up" etc, etc. so many demanding whiners without patience on the site... sheesh. More
  • Blog Post: maybe its just my nostalgia glasses

    I was a looooong time lover of the original, I even played through the second with a bit of a smile at times (but to be honest it wasn't the same). When I first heard of this coming out I was on the verge of tears...either they would *** it up…or it would be joy in a can of awsome!... And... More
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