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  • Blog Post: The long overdue sequel we deserve

    The Deus Ex series is one that may not have lent itself well to a traditional sequel. The first one is a beloved PC masterpiece that offered much in the way of choice and story, with some technical issues and graphical problems being but minor issues in a genre defining title. The second is almost universally... More
  • Blog Post: Deus Ex: Utilizing The "Invisible Hand"

    Some games have it, some games don't. But few seem to pride themselves on it quite like Deus Ex: Human Revolution does. What I'm talking about is the "Invisible Hand". We've all encountered it before. You're presented with a choice (to increase replay value) that is clearly... More
  • Blog Post: The Revolution is a Success

    Normally, I would've never picked up a Stealth game. It's not that I hate them, but with being a high school with a minimum wage job, I have to choose carefully what gets my $60. That's why what really drove me to buy this game at first, was Square Enix. It's always been my favorite company... More
  • Blog Post: Holding Me Over Until ME 3

    It's hard for me to go out and take a gamble buying new games these days. One game is essentially one tank of gas that could get me to school and work. After purchasing this game, you can imagine how hesitant I was to try playing the new iteration of a previously dormant series, especially after... More
  • Blog Post: My first contender for GOTY

    Without a doubt this game is one of the best from this generation. There are some problems along the way but to me the better parts of this game far out weight them. This is a game all about choices and it follows through on them. Whether you want to stealth, go guns blazing, or hack your way through... More
  • Blog Post: No new game plus? WTF.

    No new game plus feature is such a disappointment for me. That's what kept me playing through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 (which screwed it up by not allowing you to change classes) repeatedly. Bioshock was another game that suffered from a lack of it. To this day I've only played through Bioshock... More
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